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  • hello patient i'm a 59 year old computer illiterate....not sure how to navigate these sites...sorry for inconviencing you!
    How are you doing Barbie? It sounds like things have been progressing a bit. Has your husband's old chair worn out or is it not meeting his needs anymore? The standing option is cool, but there is no way my husband could use it as he has lost all core strength, and definitely has pain if his body is flat. That is why we like that his elevates because he can still go up and it does not put any strain on his body. We had looked at the standing option but are glad we didn't get it as it would be useless now. When Tim is at his highest he is actually taller than me, with heals on, and I am 5'9".
    Thinking of you. Hope you have a good week. I am headed your way if we continue to get crappy weather here. Kid were out of school today due to ice and snow. My daughter fell leaving my apartment but luckily didn't get hurt. Take care, Kim
    Greetings from Japan,
    My apologies for the delay in thanking you for your note but --- let's chalk it up to my lack of computer skills, OK? Didn't know how to get back to you --- and --- to complicate matters, I forgot my password. Sure do appreciate the input. I know I'll have more questions in the future, so I do look forward to your suggestions. The doctor, by the way, took me off rilutek immediately. Am in the ole "wait 'n see mode" till the next blood test on 3/17.
    A thousand thanks,
    Jack in Japan
    (I never thought that "Rothcosgrove" would be used as my name! Again, computer illiteracy, obviously. Sorry about that.)
    Thanks. I will have him try it. That's what's nice about Amazon. Not a big deal if it has to go back. I feel that anything that can give comfort is worth a try. I never realized until just now I have a private message bank.
    Hi Barbie, me Pat K. I just received our pillow. It feels really hard. Of course Phil is skeptical. Does it soften up? I told Phil it was your hubby's favorite.
    Barbie, was wondering how you and hubby are doing. I'm taking it a day at a time and lost on some days. I miss Jim so much as he has left a big hole in my heart. I do not know how you work and take care of your husband and family. You are an amazing lady. I did not realize how tired I was getting. Please take care of yourself.
    Just wanted to say hi, and I am knew to the forum, but already have been touched, and educated by your words. Looking forward to the knowledge you all have and just the experiences, .... I don't feel alone anymore. Crazy it took me so long to get here! Thanks again, hope all Is well.
    Love the pics very beautiful family!!! I'm still trying to figure out how to do that... Post pics that is..
    Thanks for the reply, it does seem to be working fairly well. Leveled things out. Your husband has seen his emotional issues clear up? Interesting, that would be nice. How is Orlando doing, haven't really spent any time there since Boot Camp and a schooling back in 79, had a good time back then.

    Hi Barbie
    Heard that maybe your husband had tried NUEDEXTA 20-10 MG, my Doc had me try it recently and I'm finding it very helpful. How do you all like it, has it helped?

    Hi Barbie,
    I hope you feel better soon! I know that I get pretty worn out all the time, and especially in the winter need more sleep. Like I said, when you weren't posting I was worried you were sick. Take care of yourself,
    Hi Barbie,
    I really think that maybe the message that I sent as a reply to you a week or so ago, may have never gone through. I might not have figured out how the website works.
    Anyway, I won't repeat myself if the answer went through about how my husband started with the ALS, and where our lives have gone on this journey. If it did not go through, please let me know.
    I was worried when I did not see you post for a few days. Life can turn and change so quickly with us, I was hoping you were okay. Take care. Mary
    thanks Barbie, sure did need it! How are you doing? And has the cold all cleared up for everyone now? Hugs back :)
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