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  • Great, I am glad you are. Sometimes all we need it rest. I haven't been posting much because this website keeps freezing up on me….
    I wanted to ask you, have you and your husband looked into donating tissue/or brain stem at the end of the battle? We were looking into an ALS research facility at Northwestern university. It gives me a little of the heebee jee bees, but I think it may be a good idea. Do you have any thoughts on that? Mary
    Hi Mary,

    feeling better--I guess I was just exhausted. my ear and throat was hurting but the doc said it didn't look bad at all. I took a 3 hour nap on sunday and stayed home from work on Monday and took a 2 hour nap. I think I am back to my self again.
    Hey Mary,

    Yes I got you message thanks so much. I have just been feeling very worn out lately and haven't posted much. I am going to the doc today--hope I don't have the flu again. Will write more later.
    Just want to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year...You are an inspiration to me and so many here!
    Hello! Welcome. I, too, live in Michigan. I saw your post about trouble transferring your pals. Have you contacted ALS of Michigan? Their phone number is 800-882-5764. There is a thing called Project Freedom sponsored by the Masons (in Michigan only) that is a very unique lift. ALS of mich must refer you. It works beautifully. Just got ours.
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