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  • I pasted the basic info below but tell me if you have a 100 or 200 and I will send you a link to the full quick start guide and manual.

    To change the prescription setting from limited access while the unit is operating, hold the Audio Pause key and the Down button at the same time. The Main Menu screen appears and an audible alarm sounds indicating you are in Full Access mode.

    You can also access a set-up screen when the airflow is turned off by holding the Audio Pause key and the Down button at the same time. From the set-up screen, you will be able to set the circuit type first, or move to the next item.

    • Use the Up/Down key to highlight the menu item

    • Press the Right key to select the menu item
    • Use the Up/Down key to select the parameter
    • Press the Right key to modify
    • Use the Up/Down key to change setting • Press Right key to OK
    • If changing modes, press Right key "Yes" • Press Left key to finish
    Hi Barbie,
    You are seriously awesome.
    Everything you have going on with your beloved, holding down work AND finding time to support, help and cheer up others.
    Truly, you are unique...hats off to you.
    God bless, Janelle x
    Hi Barbie, not sure why I came here tonight, but as I'm floating about,popping in to say how are you?
    do you remember me poppy62?
    Not many here I knew when hubby was ailing..hugs from Wales..Mair X
    Thanks again Barbie. I appreciate you responding. Penny can barely speak now. Its getting really hard. Yes I am on anti-depresants but Im not sure they help. Its really weird, I often think about when its over what will it be like. Will I be so sad and full fo guilt? Will I be pissed at the world? How will I look upon the people that I thought would be there more for us but wern't? Will I be happy that Penny is not suffering anymore? Will I be upset with myself because I use the excuse ..."At least she's not suffering anymore". I want to move on I think, but then again I tell myself I have done everything I wanted to do in life? I dont know. I go up and down all of the time.
    It was mine. I got it as a running partner and she was terrific. She was a year and a half old when I had to stop running because of the ALS. Shortly after that I could no longer even walk her so I found her a new family. She was also a goofball but very high energy as all Huskies are. I had always had Alaskan Malamutes before her, they are very similar but the Mal's are much larger (my siberian husky was 45 lbs my last malamute 105 lbs).
    I remember reading your posts a while back and you were very inspirational, and I cant believe you are still going at it. I don't know if you remember but my wife penny has ALS. I have been struggling with this for the past 3.5 years. I am feeling like someone should help. I feel like I AM ALONE. I cry all of the time. I am 56 years old and I really don't feel like living. I have a 23 year old daughter who I love but I don't know if I have the strength. I am different. I have thoughts of regret ........ I'm sorry, I can even say what I feel. I just know you have been out there and I have looked up to you for your courage...... I hate what this has done to my wife, myself and my entire family............ Thanks for listening...... Not even sure what I was trying to accomplish . Oh well thanks Jeff
    Hey just want to know some info about EMG. I had a Clean EMG and Nerve test last night. It was done on my 2 legs and right arm.

    I am worried as to whether i should have also received in on my left arm, does that make any different if you have received it on 2 legs and one arm?

    also would something like Bulbar onset show up on EMG or nerve test?

    I feel like there is a lump in my throat, i have difficulty swallowing. My mouth is really dry

    Does clean EMG like i got mean i shouldn't worry about ALS?
    Merry Christmas Barbie ! I know this sounds awful but I'm actually looking forward to it being over. I don't know why but holidays are always hard on me. Should be a joyous time but normally isn't for me. But, gotta make the best of it. I had pictures of the kids taken and am sending some to my dad. He's doing pretty good considering this monster. He doesn't have much use of any of his limbs. But, he can still eat, breath, and talk still pretty well. He goes to every single movie that comes out. He should get a side job as a movie critic. lol
    Hi there, was wondering if you could help me with something, the forum would not let me on since sept! And now I can't start a thread? Am I doing something wrong or what? Lol. I thought you just hit " thread/thread starter " that is right above the new ones, but it won't do anything...... Very confused, but need to talk, .....
    I hope all is well with you guys, well as they can be anyway.
    Ok thank you, I hope I can figure this out, especially after paying 150.00 to be on here.
    Thank you Barbie for checking in with me. I'm trying to keep positive. I know people have alot worse going on then me. My dad is doing about the same. Not going to run any marathons but also could be alot worse too. His van that he got through the VA has been a great help. My brother and sister take him out to see their kids sporting events, out to eat, to church, and the movies with it. He is losing use of his arms now which is upsetting to him. But, he still breaths decent and can eat most anything yet as long as he takes his time. Take care, Kim
    Joe's passing seems like yesterday and a long time ago all in the same week. Still on the emotional roller coaster.

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