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May 2, 2024
Learn about ALS
I have had some issues crop up with my tongue. My tongue feels sore at the back (more like an ache) and I feel like I’ve developed a slight lisp (s and sl noise sounds like it’s making an air noise).

I can move my tongue around my mouth pretty well and pitch tent with both cheeks, I have noticed saliva slightly on the corners of my lips - I have been very focused on ALS after googling. The end of my tongue does feel slightly off too - like I can no longer run it over my teeth the same. Am I going crazy?

Thanks for reading!
In all likelihood, this is about allergies, dryness and/or a mild irritation or disturbed sleep.

Teeth sometimes shift and make the tongue feel different when making contact.

See a doctor who can baseline things, and can help make sure hydration, any allergies, and a good's night sleep are addressed.
Thanks for the reply!

Does it sound like a presentation of bulbar ALS? I’m under 40, have a small child and I’m terrified.
No, it does not.
Thanks for your reply.

It’s almost as if the tip of my tongue feels off / blunt.

Since I posted this I’ve started having cramps in my left calf and twitches but this could be due to the anxiety which has gone into overload.

Ive seen my PCP and they didn’t feel a referral to neurology was warranted and have started me on Fluoxetine - still worried they might be putting it down to anxiety when it’s something.

Also had cramp / twitches today in a few parts of my arms / legs - am I just being neurotic?
None of the suggestions I made above require a neurology referral. The best way to separate anxiety from the purely physical is to address allergies, hydration, sleep, etc. And to see a dentist if warranted.

SSRIs have their own effects on sleep, so I wouldn't start one unless you have other manifestations of anxiety or depression than what you've laid out.
You are so kind!

So would you try to forget about ALS? The threat with the twitches / cramps and blunt tongue feels so real.
ALS is not a consideration and not a threat. Nothing to forget, really, but if your anxiety persists, try counseling. I gave you suggestions to consider in terms of addressing your concerns, but if you focus only on ALS, that doesn't help you feel any better, does it?

Closing this thread so you can focus on just that.
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