Concerned about Bulbar symptoms

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Mar 4, 2024
Learn about ALS
Hello everyone,

First of all, sorry if i make some language mistakes, English is not my mother tongue :)

Speaking of tongue, I m here because I experience problems since 3 months. I m a 31 yo male, and i started to have slurred speech begining of 2024.
First, It feels hard for me to prononce words with « s » sound. My tongue doesn’t go at the right place for this sound.
Some weeks later, I started to have burning and tingling sensation on the tongue, and it starts to become swollen. At the moment, my tongue is scalloped, we can see the teeth indentation on the sides.
I have excess production of saliva, that I know is not a symptom of ALS. But when I speak, as there is too much saliva, I create « water bubbles » because my tongue hit the saliva.
Now, it’s hard for me to say words with « g » and « ch »
My tongue feels to big for my mouth, hit teeths when I speak, and it harder day after day. I didn’t had one day without this problem since beginning of 2024.
Now, speaking is not natural, I avoid some words because too hard to say…

My girlfriend told me that I have a small lisp when speaking.

I’ve seen a neurologist, she was pretty cool and listen my concerns. Before doing an EMG, she wants me to do 2 MRI (medullar and brain).
These exams are planned end of March.

Waiting for this, what do you think about my symptoms ? Should I worry about ALS ? What should I ask to my neurologist next time ?

Thanks for yout help

This seems like a reasonable plan, Victor. If there seems no neurological concern (and I would consider a sleep study if the imaging and EMG are not helpful) you could visit an ENT and dentist.

I would also use a wearable to track your sleep meanwhile and ask your gf about your sleep and breathing. You could be biting your tongue in sleep for many reasons that the MRIs/EMG will be looking at first.
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