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May 12, 2024
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Good afternoon and happy Mother’s Day to any mother that reads this and I am so sorry to lead on to be another worriers. As have April I’ve been experiencing strange symptoms. I’ve been experiencing as tingling and stinging sensation in my tongue and it feel like my tongue is twitching but when I check my tongue ( at rest I don’t see it twitching ) I’ve also been having jaw pain towards the back of my mouth. I’ve also been having face and lip twitching at times. But I’ve noticed maybe you could call them dents in my tongue. I also been struggling with the articulation of certain words and at times feel like my speech is slurring and running together! I guess I came to ask that during onset bulbar ALS

1. Does tongue atrophy happen first?
2. Does speech become all slurred at once or does it start with slurring of a few words and than gradually progresses, because I read something online that people can began to slur words 3 years before noticing bulbar onset
3. Are tongue sensations common in tongue atrophy? I’m so sorry for come off as a worrier I just need some type of understanding what could be happening to me. I have upcoming doctor appointments scheduled just trying to wrap my head around my symptoms.
4. During Bulbar onset is the tongue twitching 24/7 ?

We always make sure to recommend people read this first: Read Before Posting, as it contains the answers to many of the questions that bring people here. In it you will read that sensory issues (tingling, stinging, pain) point towards something other than ALS. Twitching absent clinical weakness indicates some other issue.

Struggling with articulation can mean many different things, so your best bet is to speak to your doctor first (another recommendation in the link provided), as a clinical exam is the best, most productive thing to do when you're worried about symptoms. I see that you have an upcoming appointment- your doctor should be able to provide you more information specific to your concerns, as they can examine you, observe any problems and guide direction of exploration.

Please take care
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