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Mar 4, 2005
We live in a small Canadian town, my question is hospice? In the bigger centers or I see more in the U.S. you speak about hospice is that a special home or is it like our homecare that we recieve.

The other question is for Ontario residences, we get 60 hours amonth for care for my husband through ccac, does anyone else get more than that amount of hours, and it was discussed once here that we could be transfered over to I think they called it hospice ccac as he is more care now, is there more hours with that. Our case manager is "silent to confirm but she thinks it is the same", so just wanted to know if anyone else knows more.

We have a HOSPICE here but it is volunteers that would help if asked, so that's why I would like some comparisons.

This may be one of those strange question?

We in Michigan and probably other states have both kinds of Hospice. Actually we have 3 kinds I know of. My sister and mom had in home and my father in law was on "hospice" in the hospital for a few days. But the other is a facility. A family friend was in one in Ann Arbor and I know of another facility where people live up to a year if needed and are on Hospice care. Hope this helps. Peg
Hi Ontario- question is strange around here. as Pam says, the term means several things but if you can get hooked up with a group the services and comfort will be a big help. for more information check out this site: Regards, Cindy
I live in Washington State. We have home hospice - the hospice nurse comes to your house on a regular schedule based on need and how close to death the patient is. Hospice also provides all meds. There are Hospice Care Centers which are for those that need more care than at home or for those that perfer the care center. They are nice, homey and as well can be explained very well staffed and comfortable. The provide full support to patient and family. There is also the option of going to a nursing home and receiving hospice care as well. The most common is home hospice - death estimated within 6mo or care center - deaht estimated within 4 weeks or higher level of care needed than at home.

I live in Oakville (just outside Toronto)
Navigating "the system" is really tough. I have found that you must keep plugging away (with kindness) at the different agencies that can help you. The CCAC is where most of your hours will come from, but, depending on your husband's status.. you could be eligible for more hours. If your husband's status is considered palliative, then there might be more funded hours available to you. Also, your family doctor can make a referral for a palliative care team to provide "hospice" services in your home. Ultimately, you will need to go through the CCAC as the "Hospice Palliative Care Centre" is connected to the CCAC. There is both in home hospice and hospice where you would place your husband. If you go onto the Ministry of Ontario, health and long term care site, you will find some information on attendant services in the home. You will need to fill in applications and home assessments will need to be done. Depending on where your husband is in this illness will dictate how fast the agencies work. It's a very long and winding road.. and I'm constantly finding myself at the crossroads. At the end of the day, as caregivers, we have to remind ourselves that we are advocates for our loved ones when they can no longer do so for themselves. The Canadian Paraplegic Association is another source you may want to get in touch with. They have some funded care available. In the event that your husband does not meet any "palliative" definition.. fill out the applications anyway.. get as much of the red tape cleared way before you need it because when you need it.. the wait for everything seems that much longer.
Take care, good luck
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