I Have been away a while.

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Aug 14, 2006
Rhode Island
I just wanted to say hello and welcome all the new PALS. I haven't been on awhile. I recently moved to Florida so I haven't been online as much up until now. Anyway, HI :)
You lucky devil you. Florida is great ,and warm. Wish I was there too. AL.
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Now Al, don't get THAT conversation started again in my house! We have a home for sale in south Florida. That's right. With a handicapped bathroom and everything on one floor, too. And we choose to live here in the frigid northeast. Because if I have the "typical" version of ALS I want to be near family, friends, and services. But that doesn't stop Lee, the man who hates snow, from going to the window every frozen morning and pointing out that the swimming pool in Florida has warm sun shining on it right now...
Hi Holly -

Nice to meet you. Look forward to chatting with you. Your bio says you were diagnosed two years ago - how are you doing now?


welcome back. i live in ga. i spent my honeymoon at daytona beach. how are you? i was diag this year. :( GOD BLESS!:)
aaaahhhh-----the warmth of florida is a stark contrast to nixa mo and i can't help but fly a tiny green flag-----glad to have you back on line----may your holidays be filled with the good thoughts of the season----Cartman
Hello everyone. It is nice to be back. Happy Holidays all :) Florida is awesome Al, we are loving it! :) Cindy I bust people's chops back home too about the warmth lol ~ Def one of the perks hehe (I know I'm guilty :-D) Liz, nice to meet you as well. I was diagnosed 2 years ago but luckily it seems to have slowed down some. Can't really complain. How are you? Jan we actually live about 10 min from Daytona Beach. How was your honeymoon? Did you enjoy your stay? Cartman, too funny lol Happy Holidays All! :-D
Coincidentally, Lee and I spent our honeymoon in Daytona as well but that was back in 1970. AL.
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