1. L

    Automobile Dimmer Switches

    1. Pursuant to the Department of Motor Vehicles Act. No 91-92, all motor vehicles sold after September 19, 1991 will be required to have the headlight dimmer switch mounted on the floorboard. The dimmer switch must be mounted in a position accessible to operation by pressing the switch by the...
  2. J

    switch access for Android

    Operate your smartphone or tablet with just one button! Now also for my free communication app. More information on the page of Smart Letter Board Smart Letter Board - Switch Access
  3. L

    3 months later

    First, when Eileen was on hospice, I couldn't share all the details of her passing, even now some of it is more than I can talk about on the forum. When the time came, with two pastors, family and friends in the room, I couldn't let a stranger make the final step. So, I turned off the Trilogy...
  4. swalker

    Grand Canyon Trip: Fall 2018

    Lori and I had the opportunity to go to the Grand Canyon this fall and had a wonderful trip. As I have posted before, the trips are getting harder, so much so that I have considered cancelling each of the last three trips. I am so glad that I have not! The weather was spectacular and I was...
  5. J

    Voice Access App for Android

    I came across an blog post about the Voice Access app for Android. I downloaded it and tried it out on my Samsung tablet. It's very easy to use and would really help PALS who cannot use their hands, but still can use their voice (like my DH). I'd add the link, but I know that can sometimes...
  6. W

    Rabbi on a walk

    A Rabbi is on a walk in the woods thinking, when suddenly he falls in a hole. As he gets up, he realizes that there are two Tridds also in the bottom of the hole. The two Tridds are talking to each other, when the first one decided to boost Tridd #2 up to a branch hanging down at the top of...
  7. K

    wheelchair hack?

    I have a permobil corpus f3 Wheelchair.. I can't drive it anymore but I can still change my position using toggles which my bent fingers can manage, but this is getting more difficult. an omni switch has been recommended but I'm not it will work for me because of the way I position my hand at...
  8. wishmobbing

    Switch control communication software

    Quite honestly, I'm trying for days now to make proper use of the search function here but I don't find the concentration to follow through with it. My PALS speech is going quickly and things with health insurance are going slow. Time for improv. We have an old iPad and found out roughly how to...
  9. W

    Candy Corn switch

    Ablenet Candy Corn switch, like new, $75/best offer.
  10. F

    the fight

    Walking into the bar, Mike said to Charlie the bartender, 'Pour me a stiff one - just had another fight with the little woman.' 'Oh yeah?' said Charlie, 'And how did this one end?' 'When it was over,' Mike replied, 'She came to me on her hands and knees.' 'Really,' said Charles, 'Now...