1. K

    hospice and trilogy

    I'm looking into hospice. I need a trilogy 24\7 ahnd would have to switch companies. Nervous about this. Has anyone had this experience \
  2. E

    Experience with dirty wheelchair

    Hello PALS: I am part of a student engineer design team from the University of Toronto. We are working on a project to improve the experience of PALS. One opportunity we found is that when wheelchair users come back in from outside, the wheels get dirty and it is inconvenient to either switch...
  3. H

    Questions about contradictions Re: ALS

    Hello everyone! I am a 21-year-old Caucasian male with no history of ALS in my family. I have an anxiety disorder, along with hypochondria - I am reluctant to say that latter but know this is pertinent to disclose. A week and a half ago, I felt perfectly fine, no symptoms of ALS. Then I noticed...
  4. M

    EMG Switch by Control Bionics is Tinkertron

    Does anyone have a used NeuroNode or Tinkertron EMG switch for sale? Can anyone comment on how well they work?
  5. J

    Oh no not another twitcher

    Hello, first of sorry for any bad grammar, I'm from the Netherlands so English is not my main language. You must all think oh no, not another anxious twitcher. But I'm afraid here I am. I was wondering if you guys could shed some light on my problem, which is twitching and twitching alone. I...
  6. chally

    R&R 4 cals

    I wanted to treat my cals to some R & R so I was looking into a river cruise on the Ohio River or Mississippi. Well thinking this out farther I realized that it would actually be more work and stress for my cals. Sooooo! I booked three nights at a grand old hotel called the "Greenbrier Hotel"...
  7. L

    Traveling with ALS

    My wife was recently diagnosed with ALS and we still want to travel while we can. For many years we have done volunteer work with several groups that live in our RVs wherever the job is. We have done probably 80 jobs and we would still like to be with those friends. Our current trailer is...
  8. M

    call switch

    my son is losing his voice. we've been using a baby monitor, but he's too weak to be heard anymore. i saw something here called a 'pad ...' that looked just right, but i don't know what to hook it into. can someone help me? ALSO, i keep seeing ads and not being able to read the complete...
  9. K

    Ceiling Track Pictures

    Surehands finished the ceiling track installation yesterday and it works great. We had the electrician put an outlet near the ceiling for the charger so we wouldn't have cords hanging down and there is an outlet lower down for the wheelchair to charge. (It is coming end of May). The switch is...
  10. N

    More changes and workarounds needed

    Hi All, Well, after all of this time, we are back into progressions. Our newest development is that Brian is now getting slightly tachicardic when I feed him. We've had to slow that way down. I may have to figure out how I can thin his food enough to go back to the pump. I did an experiment...