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  • oh I hadn't remembered that she is in that area! Racee must know! I'm going to message her on fb
    oh that is so amazing!!! that's such synchronicity because you won't believe the activity in Sheree's tree today ... I'll be processing the photos this evening :)
    I do remember a post or two from you. Its so great that you are going to see Stevie Nicks. Jealous. I am also very happy to know that a koala from Tillies property will be thought of by you at a Stevie Nicks concert. Wow...you made my day!
    Sheree asks me regularly if a koala has been in her tree. Maybe one of those rascals will feel my vibes!
    yeah I kind of picture things like that as a bit of stress release - I feel like they are all sitting on my shoulder riding around the property with me :) xxx lovely to hear from you!
    lolol yep that was def aussie slang I said without thinking!
    trackie - track suit (jogging suit I think is the same)
    dacks - a word we use for pants
    so trackie dacks can also be said as trackie dackies to make it rhyme
    oh dear, something I wouldn't think of sounds so strange when I explain it lololol thanks for the giggle!
    not yet, I'm rather distressed about her, but she comes and goes and stays up very high in trees :(
    did you try pasting it into a message? I've just come here around 6am for me, and don't have much time so am not sure if I will get to check all posts

    What I did was put all the bits from the dashed line into a text file and I paste it into my posts. We used to have a signature here and I still have my preference ticked to use it but there was an upgrade and the signatures stopped EXCEPT for Nikki grrrr jealous ;)
    oh good it gave it to you as the code, should be a snap to pasted into a thread message! let me know if you want the colours changed! hugs
    See if you like this one
    it looks odd if you see it with all the code around it so I hope you can copy and past from here - highlight all of it. I keep mine in a text file so I can just copy and paste it in each time :)

    Oh yes!!! I would love to! Tell me any preference of colours - rubies, or purple amethyst or jade or something? :) we all need a bit of bling!
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