1. K

    software: Help for speaking

    Hi, I'm close 33 years old, and ALS diagnosed 2 years ago. I created this blog to show software I'm daily using or even tried. Google should translate it for you :D. As I can't speak, I've created a little software based on SAPI from Microsoft and AutoIt. It is a beta. SourceCode is include...
  2. C

    Computer Control Devices - SOLD

    For Sale- I will pay shipping SmartNav 3:AT--paid $399 will sell for $125. In great shape my brother used this system extensively. Requires little head movement. Complete computer control. Reflective dots utilize infrared to move mouse- use your existing software! SmartNAV 4:AT--paid $499...
  3. T

    Dynavox V Series 5 Speech Device - For Sale --SOLD

    I am selling a virtually unused Dynavox V, Series 5, North American English Speaking, 256MB Ram, 40 Gig, Speech Device. My mother was diagnosed last year with ALS and her speech quickly deteriorated until she acquired this device to communicate with others. Unfortunately her illness progressed...
  4. rocmg

    The teacher who put her pupils before her health

    From The Daily Mail, UK The Mail’s annual Inspirational Women of the Year awards honour the extraordinary women who improve the lives of others. To nominate your own Inspirational Woman, complete the coupon below. Today, LAURA MOSS focuses on a truly inspirational teacher... Just past 6am and...
  5. R

    ? on speaking devices

    I'm in Hospice where I can't get much, anyway back to my question on what type of machine to get. I heard something about getting a Laptop computer that coulr just get the software and eye gazing for it. Is it really that simple? Thanks, Roni
  6. 1

    DynaVox Series 4 software

    After reading quadbliss home automation web page I got excited and thought I would implement so I bought a laptop , 2gs of ram, and redrat2. So Then I find out DynaVox Series 4 software is no longer available ! Ugh! i was hoping for software so i could put it on my desktop too. Anyone know...