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Mar 29, 2008
My son sent me this link. He's been investigating research advances ever since it has looked like ALS will be my diagnosis. He understands that as this is still in the trial phase that it may be several more years before it would be available, but still thought it held promise. It is amazing, but, he's also pointed out that there are other non-invasive research studies underway...

YouTube- brain computer interface

Then, there was this one, that is eye tracking software by the name of Eyegaze

This is one of someone browsing the internet with it:
YouTube- Web browsing with your eyes using eye-scrolling

Here is someone moving around in world of warcraft with it (That is a video game both of my sons have played)
YouTube- Eye Gaze Interaction with World of Warcraft

He also sent me a link to the trailer for "So Much So Fast" a film on the Sundance channel, but I didn't know if I could post it as it might be construed as advertising. It's a documentary made by a guy that was diagnosed with ALS in his 30's and how he chooses to face it, (going ahead and marrying and having children) and the research that he and his family raised money to pursue).

My son is a software engineer, so I know that this type of thing is naturally of interest to him, but it was very touching to me that he was applying it to my situation and looking ahead at how I might still benefit from a better quality of life in a few years :)
Those are fascinating links. Thanks so much for posting them. I am so sorry for your diagnosis, but am glad you have such a great support system. Would PM you but don't know how to do it!

Hang in there!,
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