1. S

    Eyelid twitching leading to eyelid disfunction?

    Hi! I havent been officially diagnosed yet, however this is NOT a "do I have ALS" post. They've done all the tests and, as I'm told, are just waiting to see if umn signs develop. Anyway, on to my question... my symptoms began with eyelid twitching. I'm completely terrified that this means my...
  2. ReginaS

    difference between the tobii medical device and the tobii gaming?

    My partner is using a surface pro (newest version) with the commercial tobii eyegaze bar for gamers(?) and it works - with a few kinks here and there. (Sometimes we need to restart or unplug the usb and plug it in again, we might have a way now for the bar to stay in place - the adhesive wore...
  3. JimInVA

    Shifting Sands...

    Our journey began at a Joe Bonamassa concert in November of 2012. With no advance warning, Darcey was suddenly having difficulty walking. Later that same night, she'd be unable to rise from a seated position. It was the beginning of a life phase that neither of us anticipated. For all of...
  4. Buckhorn

    Permobil Corpus F3, FWD power chair; loaded. $4,000.

    Excellent condition. Front wheel drive, with solid, non-puncture tires. Good for outdoor use, as well as having a reasonably small turning radius, making it a good choice for more than just indoor use. This wheelchair probably has less than 6 miles on it (IDK how to check). It has some cosmetic...
  5. T

    Tobii Dynovox Eye Gaze i series LIKE NEW

    Unfortunately, I lost my husband, March 4,2016; after a 3 year battle with ALS. I was his full time caregiver. We made the mistake of waiting too long to try to get this device, he was not able to use it like we could have if we had it earlier. We used it maybe 4 times, and only a few minutes...
  6. B

    Worried since 3 months

    My problems started all 3 months ago. Everything was fine before. After some extensive jogging, my calfs felt stiff. Ok, thats maybe normal, i thought. But it didn`t disappear. Also, i mentioned twitching on both sides. After doing some more sports in the next two weeks, twitching was more...
  7. S

    Barely Used Tobii Dynavox I-15+ for sale with compass and gaze

    Selling my dad's barely used Tobii Dynavox as he recently passed away. It is the I-15+ with compass software and gaze communication, and also includes the keyboard, a wheelchair mount, and the carrying case as well as the manual and receipt (it was approx $16,000 brand new). Please contact me...
  8. L

    VisuALS eyegaze system for sale

    Complete system including software loaded on GoPro tablet, Tobii eyegaze bar, Bluetooth keyboard and speaker plus magnetic mount. Setup but never used. Use the link below to visit the manufacturer's web site for more info. Paid...
  9. J

    Tobii dynavox I-12+ eye gaze

    Speech generating device, bought in 2016/2017 used very little. Comes with rolling stand and chargers. Has eye gaze software already loaded you the device. Asking 2500 o.b.o
  10. J

    Software companies, do they donate?

    we saw bill gates in ice bucket challange, nominated by zuckenberg. with just 10% of money they have, they can find a cure. have no info - did they donated? nothing is a such a problem but money...
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