1. John1

    peeling spuds

    This is pretty trivial in the scheme of things but I have real difficulty peeling potatoes. I made a potato based soup the other night and it took nearly a 1/2 hour to peel six potatoes. I was really tired at the end of that and it was only a small part of the recipe. I use a conventional...
  2. joelc

    Vita-Mix Recipies

    Since more people are getting Vita-Mix blenders here is a link for recipies, scroll down the page to see the recipies...
  3. Zaphoon

    Donuts On My Mind

    This has absolutely nothing to do with any sickness but donuts have been mentioned on a thread recently and I just want to remark that I think Bavarian Cream Filled beat out Boston Cream Filled. Yum, Yum! P.S. I have a recipe for Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies!
  4. K

    Interesting Approach

    Below is something many of you may have already found while researching ALS. I was struck by the sheer logical approach this man had to dealing with the disease. I only wish my mother would have taken this approach, instead of fighting everything tooth and nail. This is an excerpt from a blog...
  5. redneck charger

    2 new Idea's I have

    Hi everyone.. Haven't been around for awhile.. Has not been a good year around here.. Mom is still with us.. but is coming to a end with the fight with ALS.. I have organized two golf tournaments here in the Ottawa area in the past which was hugely successful.. But this time around I have 2 new...
  6. rose

    for all of you mommies with little ones...

    OK, its summer, in an ideal world, your kids are all happily amusing themselves all day long... but its not that ideal of a world, or you wouldn't be reading on this forum for one thing! So, when you can't get them to go outside, or its raining, or they're bored... it is, this is...