1. D

    Recipe Sources

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has found any good sources for recipes for MND patients? I have been in touch with the local MND Association but would like to add some variety to the menu.
  2. rose

    A new book written by the relative of a PALS

    Hi everyone :) I'm posting this here in the General section, rather than in the PEG related area, because I want everyone to see it. Whether or not you, or your PALS have a tube, or plan to have a tube, I think it will interest you. The woman who wrote this recipe book lost her...
  3. rose

    Liquid Hope

    Hello everyone, I've been away from the forums a lot recently, and also have not posted as much on Tube Chic, there is just a lot going on for me personally (not bad, just busy). I wanted to make you aware of this latest post, and also let you know that I have another post coming up soon...
  4. affected

    This sounds like a great smoothie recipe

    I just found this and thought it sounds rather divine, though I'm not a whiskey girl I thought it could be substituted with baileys or similar. For those PALS getting sick of the same old smoothie, or looking for one to share with their CALS :) Soak some ginger nut biscuits in whiskey ( this...
  5. T

    Feeding tube recipes

    Ok, so the VA messed up and the supplements he was to use in his feeding tube were not delivered, for over 3 weeks. I bought boost, but it didn't seem like it was enough. So I turned to the kitchen for help. I started making smoothies for the feeding tube, just to get calories in. I used...
  6. D

    FTD or just difficulty processing directions/information

    My husband was diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS in August (so we've lived with it for 5 months or so now) and his symptoms have progressed. But what has surprised me the most--and has been the most difficult thing to come to terms with or manage--has been the change in how he processes...
  7. C

    Getting Peg tube, tips and tricks needed.

    Crabby is getting a peg tube Wednesday. What should I expect for his recovery period? Does anyone have any recipe's or websites they use? His doctors are very upset he waited this long to get it, and are "concerned" about performing the procedure . Any tips or tricks for using it would be very...
  8. tripete

    Peter Butter Pie

    Here is one of my best creations, lots of calories :twisted:. It started from a very simple vanilla pudding recipe my mom use to make for us when we where growing up. We where very poor and it was a good cheap desert. Over the years I modified it to create a Peanut Butter Pie that my mother in...
  9. C

    My Dad's Journey

    I wanted to write in the forum, as I really appreciated all the information that was passed through the forum, it really helped my dad through his journey with ALS. Unfortunately, I didn’t share much in the forum during his journey as it was such a busy time for me and my family; I had good...
  10. E

    Solid vs purée

    Any suggestions on how I can purchase a Vitamix blender for cheap? My husband is going to be needing everything puréed before too long, I understand these are the best but are very cost prohibitive. Any recipe ideas out there that may satisfy a stubborn husband who still wants to eat little...