for all of you mommies with little ones...

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Mar 29, 2008
OK, its summer, in an ideal world, your kids are all happily amusing themselves all day long... but its not that ideal of a world, or you wouldn't be reading on this forum for one thing!

So, when you can't get them to go outside, or its raining, or they're bored... it is, this is: the ~*~RECIPE~*~ the one that I used over and over (and over) when my kids were small, and hope like everything to still be around to make with my grandchildren (So far I only have grandcats)

PLAYDOUGH stove top recipe

Mix in a medium pot:
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
2 Tbsp. cream of tartar (and yes, you have to have it to make it turn out, its in the spice section in the grocery store)

1 cup water
2 tsp food coloring (totally optional)

Cook over medium heat and stir (about 3-5 minutes) It will look like a big globby mess, and you'll be certain its not turning out ~ but it will.

You'll know when its done cooking as it will ball up

As soon as its cool enough to handle just plop it in the middle of the kitchen table, with all of the necessary pieces of play dough equipment, (cookie cutters, plastic knives, uncooked macaroni noodles, etc) (they'll think its great if they get to start playing with it while its still warm from the stove).

Your kids may have a dozen containers of store bought play dough in the cupboard, but they're going to be interested in playing with the stuff they helped cook.

The pot clean-up is a snap, and its super cheap to make, only real cost is the cream of tartar.

Store it in an airtight container. It is edible, but not tasty LOL :)

Thank you for the recipe and thinking of the mommies with young children.
I also love playing with play doh as much as my kids.
Thanks..always looking for entertaining ideas to do at home with the kiddos! Fondly, KR
hi rose

wow! your post brought back memories.
my mum used to make play dough for us,using different food colourings.
we had little plastic cutting sets with cut out shapes.
we would spend hours playing if the weather was bad outside.
take good care
Thanks Rose

I will try that this weekend, I almost don't know who you are with the new picture.haha. My little 4 year old girl loves to cook. She has her own apron and hat. I am sure the boys will have to get on the fun too.
I'm happy to share :) and yes, it is fun, I agree with Crystal, I don't think we really ever outgrow it either.... Caroline, see, I'm glad my kids have those memories as you do.

Someone needs to report back after they've tried it ;) The stuff doesn't dry for posterity all that well, its mostly just to be used to play with, you can let it dry, but appendages ~ wheels, legs, petals, etc... tend to fall off over time.

As I lack a grandchild, I wonder if I can get the "grandcat" that's staying here to play with it LOL (and no one needs to tell me the "cat is mine now", he's only visiting. But I did manage to fatten him up - he's a 20 pounder now:-D )

...oh, the new avatar is for BethU, she told me she missed seeing it (it was my original one on here) its a painting that I did many years ago, the little girl is in her early 20's now.
Thanks Rose,

good idea. I had wanted that recipe as my kids love to cook!
You are a beautiful artist, I always wished I was more artsy. Whe I use to get stressed, I would go to starbucks and grab coffee, then go to the little art gallery down town and walk around looking/loving the art. It is a gift to paint and the array of emotions that can be brought to life through that canvas amaze me. What great treasures you can pass to your kids. My mom does needle point and has made wonderful pieces for me and my kids. It's good to have something she made.

Take care,

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