bulbar als

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    Mucus Help- Bulbar ALS

    Dear all, My mom has been having a very difficult time with mucus accumulating at the back of her throat and not being able to swallow or get it out. She uses a cough assist once a day which she hates. A suction machine helps a little but not as much as we hoped to. For medication, she takes...
  2. Y

    Finger contraction

    Hello, For the past 1 week + I have experience a contraction in my hand/pinky that is on and off. My pinky and hand muscle of my left hand is exp riencing an intermittent spasm. It will come every half hour and stiffen on and off for 5 seconds about 10 times. This has caused come cramping in...
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    Bulbar als?

    Hi 6 months ago I got very sick lasted a month. Couldn't breathe hard time swallowing and talking. Lost 9 lbs in a week. Got rubber legs. Basically became wheelchair bound because every time I would walk I couldn't breathe. They put me on a ton of asthma meds which made me worse. Testing heart...
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    Worried about Symptoms-Advice Needed

    Thank you all in advance for your time in reading this. I will do my best to keep it as brief as possible. I have read the sticky. I’m 29, stay at home mom of three kids, three and under. About 6 months ago, I noticed some neck stiffness, along with transient pins and needles and numbness...
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    No hope...definately bulbar ALS

    Hello, First of all thank you who will read my story. It is hard time for me now and i thought over of other possibilities, that could affect my health, but only bulbar ALS pops up in my mind. Everything started on march. I had a flu type virus for about two weeks and my left face side was...
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    constant cough

    I have had a constant cough and throat clearing for 7 months now. It all started after I stopped taking Klonopin cold turkey. I had a baby and then started panicking over health related issues. I've had two clean EMGs. One on my legs and one on my arms. At the time I had lots of twitching...
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    Worrying about ALS

    Hello, I am 29 years old female. Lately i am experiencing severe generalized muscle weakness (left side is a little bit weaker), muscle cramps and muscle pain throughout my body, profound overall weakness and diffuse muscle twitching and they are slowly worsening. I need your opinion about my...
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    Progression of symptoms?

    I’ve had body wide twitching for 6 months. Went to neurologist after three months and got a clean EMG on right arm and leg. Have been in a total of five times for clinical exams (due to my anxiety of ALS - requested appointments with him) - all of which have come back non remarkable. He told me...
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    Jaw clicking, overweight, fasciculations and advise

    app. month ago or so my (right side) jaw started clicking when i open my mouth widely, but not when i chew. i have no problems with chewing or swalowing and i have powerfull bite. just like kind of joint appeadred suddenly. is it als connected, or...? this has been discussed many times, i...
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    Question about fALS inheritance?

    I'm hoping this is the right forum I'm very sorry if not. My dad was diagnosed with bulbar ALS in April 2015 at 51, and sadly only made it to February 2016. I never really worried that it could be familial, but last night I was up all night thinking about it. He was an extremely heavy drinker...
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