als residence

  1. Nikki J

    Informative site

    I can't link it because it has a fundraising section but search alsri. It is not the golf club dot com site. It is the als residence site dot org. There is information beyond als residence initiative. Take a look especially at the link for newly diagnosed
  2. B

    ALS Residence

    Y'all have got to see this! What a determined, inspired and courageous man! Look at the facility! It's fantastic! Right down to the table settings! I know it's hard for pALS and cALS to donate for this cause, but if you could pass this on to your friends and family, that would be great...
  3. M

    Leonard Florence Center-ALS Residence NOT

    Have anyone heard of the Leonard Florence Center-ALS Residence? I read about it and was excited to go give them a visit and report back to my local ALSA chapter. I contacted their admissions director and tried to arrange a visit. She asked me to submit an admissions application, which I did. But...
  4. B

    opinion on elevator install

    I would like to get some opinions regarding an install of an elevator in my house. For various reasons, we believe an elevator is the right choice for us. However one specific aspect of it is whether to install automatic door and gate openers. This would add a significant cost to the project...
  5. B

    The new ALS Residence!

    I had tears running down my face as I watched Steve give his presentation and show folks around! What a guy! Please look at this and see what one determined dude can do! YouTube- Me with a special comment from Stephen Hawking 8/8 - Steve Saling ALS Residence Grand Opening Be sure to look...
  6. indigosd

    Steve Saling ALS Residence

    HOPE! YouTube- Steve Saling ALS Residence
  7. J

    Leonard Florence Center-ALS Residence

    This is our new web site for the Leonard Florence Center which will house the ALS Residence. Until there is a cure we plan on building a residence in any state that has the need for such a house.
  8. J

    Als Residence Boston

    Hello, Could someone tell me the name of a movie about ALS that has the word butterfly in it. Can it be seen on line or is it playing at the movies. Thanks. Barry
  9. C

    How long will this go on

    Hi Jakk- I don't have much advice but I am sure some of our long-time CALS will. I do have a couple of questions. First, from what other PALS say around here, she might actually perk up and need less medication if she used the pipap during the day. Too bad this is a hard "sell" for her...
  10. J

    Als Residence

    As previously discussed in this forum we are building an ALS Residence. I am enclosing a link regarding the ALS Residence to be built in Boston. The video might answer many questions individuals may have .YouTube- ALS residential living...