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  • When I read your original post this verse came to mind. " Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, what God has prepared for those who love him. " May God's peace which passeth all understanding be with you and your family. My husband is also on a vent and is almost locked in so I understand. Kate
    Happy Easter! I'm working today at our local hospital. I'm a switchboard operator. I've been here for 25 years now. I like getting the holiday pay. But, unfortunately that greedy Uncle Sam takes all of it. I went to Hawaii once and loved it. Take care, Kim
    I read about your stem cell treatments and I would like to know if you got any results. My husband is currently having a stem cell treatment (autologus cells) just one shot and he is very hopeful about it.
    I saw your post and am so sorry for all you're going through. I dont know much about it but I don't think you have the FTD thing going on. I think your emotions are perfectly normal with all you are having to deal with. My dad took a small dosage of a antidepressant when first diagnosed. I'm not sure if he still is taking it. But, it helped. I think it was paxil. The best advice I can give is to pray and pray for God to give you strength even if you are angry with him. Pray with the whole family. You don't have to go into details with your children but just pray that God helps dad who is sick. God bless you! Kim
    Oh so sorry to hear about your fall and your foot. Hope it heals quickly. I am anxious for spring to get here because I'm afraid of falling on ice. The other day in central Illinois here it was 75 out and the next day we had a snow storm. Take care, Kim
    I'll give you my old grade school cheer for encouragement: Go, Fight, Win! Praying for you!
    Hi! Stopped by to see how you are getting along. My dad who is 79 just started in a clinical trial of a drug called Acthar. There are only 40 people in the whole U.S. in this trial. The drug has been out for a long time but they think it might help slow the progression of ALS. No cure though. Dad is interested in helping with research on it even if it doesn't help him out. Take care, Kim
    Hope you qualifty for the stem cell trial. We are all rooting for you. Keep us all posted on what you find out. You will be in my prayers. Kim
    Sorry I dont visit this site as often as I should and therefore am not very good at navigating it. Please to meet you, hope you are hanging in.
    I, too, wish to welcome you. My husband has Bulbar ALS and Language Varient FTD. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Peace!
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