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  • Just wanted to stop by and say Hi and that I'm thinking of you. Sending you a hug Shelly! Kim
    my name is SONIA ABDUL,i am a young beautiful girl with a lovely heart . i saw your profile today and like to be your friend,You can write to me direct in my email( [email protected] ) so that i will send more of my photo to you and tell you more about me.
    ( [email protected] )
    Hi ! How are things going for you lately? My dad seems to be at a standstill for the time being. But, we all know that can change at any second. My dad just went to Dallas for a few days to visit my brother and sister who both live there. I have a niece who is really good at volleyball and is only going to be a sophomore. She has already been contacted by 20 colleges so far wanting her to play for them. Dad is going to attend a tournament that she's in. I miss him but am glad he is able to go. The ride in the car was pretty tiring for him but he made it okay.
    I am doing okay myself. Seem like my husband is still wanting to go through with getting a divorce which has been really hard on me. He's just tired of all the fighting and bickering that has been going on for years. We get along great now that we don't live under the same roof. I'm hoping that some day we will reconcile. But, again I've always been a dreamer. Take care, Kim
    Hi Shelly,
    Thanks for thinking of me, you are one special are you both?
    Still job-hunting here, trying to 'get on with it'...
    Sending you hugs and warm thoughts from wet and windy Wales, could really do with some sunshine, although daffodils are out and we have new lambs, so spring is on the way.
    hugs with love, Mair xx
    Just a thought. It might not work for Fred, but if noone ever mentions it, you might not ever hear of it. I found out from a therapist.
    I know what you mean about a simple "you are doing a great job taking care of him" lifting your spirits. You know...You are doing a great job taking care of Fred!
    Take care of you too, Kris
    Hi Shelly,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about hospice with me. I really think it would be a good move to make for Dave. Now I just have to convince him.
    I'm wondering if you have heard of the easy pivot lift? We have one for Dave and it works great. Without it he would have been bed ridden since November. It allows him to be transfered easily to the shower chair and to his easy chair in the living room. He loves his showers and feeling as normal as possible by moving to the main living area to watch tv and see guests every day. We borrowed our easy pivot from the ALS association. You can look it up on line and it shows videos on how to use it. It's pretty cool. Dave definately likes it more than the hoyer.
    Hi Shelly,
    I haven't been on the site much lately. I had to go back to work and there just isn't enough time in a day. I wanted to touch base with you and see how you are. How is Fred doing? How is the hospice service working out for you? Him? I haven't been able to talk Dave into it yet. I have a feeling it will only happen against his wishes. I am really struggling with that. I would really like him to get to know and develope a trust with the people that will be caring for him when it is most needed. Can you offer me any advice? Have a peaceful night. Kris
    Hi Shelly,
    I just stopped in to tell you that I really admire you and the grace you show. ALS sucks- and you certainly have the worst of it with the FTD.

    I hope that everything is going ok for you and your husband. xo barbie
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