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  • Al, I can't figure out how to attach a file to a message is this forum, so If you would send me an email, I can send you Jim's Regimen. Thanks
    Hi Al, I wanted to share that I used aleeve for my neck pain...it helped more than tyl. Hope things work out for you! Take care
    He, Dr. David Perlmutter (from Florida) , wrote a book called "BrainRecovery.com". It has a chapter on ALS. You can order the book on Amazon for not much money. We are following most of his protocol. One of the big things that has seemed to help Kim feel better is the glutathione. Capsules of glutathione don't absorb very well. There are foods that make glutathione for us, spinach, spuds, asparagus, avocado, squash, cauliflower, broccoli, walnuts, garlic, tomatoes. Dr. Perlmutter's book tells you where to get the liquid glutathione. We also went to a 10 day clinic in the Nashville area. There Kim did ozone treatments and hyperbaric treatments. These in a nutshell are the therapies that have helped Kim the most. He is doing so many things now that he could not do six months ago, that it really is miraculous. All of Kim’s ALS symptoms are not gone, but are improving weekly. His e-mail is [email protected] if you would like to contact him. Kay Cherry, Kim's wife.
    Reply from Kay Cherry:

    We started with eliminating toxicity in the body. Kim's shampoo - Pert + - the first ingredient is toxic. It's now gone and we found something safer. We went to a chiropractor that specialized in neurology. He said Kim had mercury poisoning, fungus and gluten sensitivity. We eliminated gluten in all gluten grains and corn. Fungus is fed by sugars and of course, yeast breads. Mercury poisoning has to be addressed by removing dental fillings that contain mercury or using chorella. I take it for lead poisoning, 10 tablets, 3 times a day. It takes about a year, but the urine test I had in May showed my mercury poisening coming down as well as the lead poisoning. The doctor gave Kim 6 supplements and he started to getting slowly better. The doctor told us about a neurologist out of Florida that does a lot of natural stuff with neurological diseases. More in next post.
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