Nap. CALS learn to nap

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Aug 22, 2022
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I read once that a full night of uninterrupted sleep is a modern concept. In days gone by you rose during the night to check the house, people, animals, etc. I would assume walking around in the cold with a candle stick would wake anyone.

CALS learn early on to take naps whenever and wherever they can.
"Napping cannot provide all stages of sleep: A full night's sleep consists of several stages of sleep, including deep sleep and REM sleep. Napping typically only provides the lighter stages of sleep, such as stage 1 and 2, which are not as restorative as the deeper stages of sleep." Source:sleep space.

I am so tired that when I nap I think I am getting REM sleep. Or, that's what I tell myself. And when I awake, I am always surprised and disappointed with our ALS reality. It's not a terrible dream. It is real.
I like number 5.
We are to reflect on why we are napping. 😀


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Let me tell you, I recently had family from far away who know my drills. I have someone come in at night - but I am still up until 2 AM and get woke up at 0800. My help was on the ball and I went back to sleep but then it dawned on me, potty and feeding time! After that, I had cereal to wash down the coffee. Then I took a nap. After the second feeding was started, I took another nap and again after the 3rd feeding took another nap. Then just before the help showed up, I took another short nap. It is now 1 AM and I am going to "bed". My "bed is a comfortable recliner where I cover myself in some really warm soft blankets. I do miss my flat bed - as I can stretch out and un-kink. I seem to be tired due to either wrong food (even today with all these naps) or less than needed quantity. My cereal is a fast nutricious prep, and the hotdog wrapped in a slice of cheese and a totilla hit the spot - but thankfully not all that filling. I used to load up on carbs - mainly pasta. I would be asleep before 9 PM. on the couch watching the tube. Not any more! Lunch did you say? Coffee.
SeaGunny, I meant for that to be the Love sign, not the thumbs up sign! This is how it is as a CALS. I pretty much stopped cooking and microwaved food. I also drank coca-cola and am trying to lose the weight I gained from doing this now. I was so wired from the evening care that I use to surf the Internet rather than go to bed and then the help would be here at 8 am to help me get PALS up. I was tired and anxious about the future. I am glad you are taking these naps. You need all the rest you can get!
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