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Carol Deboer

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May 7, 2003
Hi Guys,

I'm baaack! What a trip, what a memory, what a relaxing time. Did lots, spent lots, seen lots. We went to the Bahamas, Antigua, St. Thomas, Tortola, spent a couple of nights in Fort Lauderdale, Puerto Rico, it was a really great time, but, man am I tired. Flew in today, thought I would check in with you all, and let you know that I will try to read the posts tommorrow and catch up on all of the news and see how everyone is doing. I will post some pics too when I get them developed. I know that you would love to see how brown we all got. (some red too!) Anyway, Hi and I will talk to you all real soon. Missed you all.

Carol xo
Welcome home, Carol,
I am so glad you had a good time, you needed the time away.
We missed you.
Hugs and prayers, Leah
Posted in another thread before I read this one. Looking forward to the Red hopefully bikini pictures. And so is TBear and a few others. LOL.
Welcome home Carol, great to have you back. I am glad you had a nice time. Sounds wonderful. Take care.

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