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Jul 14, 2006
We are adding a new bathroom to our house to address my needs down the road. We want this bathroom to be completely handicap accessible. Can anyone give the the correct specifications of how to properly design this room? Any info is much appreciated. Rick
If you don't find out what you want here, Google "accessible bathroom" and you will find many good sites for info. That's what I did 4 years ago to plan my renovation. Personally, I replaced the tub with a roll-in shower, got a plastic shower chair, tiled the entire BR floor and installed a Toto Jasmine bidet. I replaced the swing-out door with a 3' sliding door. I left the tub spout in place and find it useful for monitoring water temp (and getting a bucket of water) before turning on the shower spray. All the renovations have been very helpful in improving the quality of my daily life. I can still stand to transfer from my scooter to shower by myself. Not sure what I'll do when I can't.
I used this website to get some ideas when doing our bathroom. I can't endorse their products but it gives you an idea of what is available commercially. AL.
I think you could easily find this kind of information from bathroom furniture providers. This is how I solved the problem, it really is not difficult to build special bathrooms. You could check for more information on this site: REMOVED LINK. I hope I could help.
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I removed the link because it had nothing to do with handicapped bathrooms. It appears to be nothing more than inappropriate advertising.
I finally got around to posting photos of the bathroom remodel. I created an album on my profile page. Here is a link to it:

The photos and accompanying comments are sort of in reverse order. I keep forgetting when building an album, that the first in is last viewed.

Basically, the bathroom occupies what was a coat closet and powder room. I don't have the exact dimensions handy, but it meets all specs recommended for handicap accessible.

The biggest hurdle was the heat/air conditioning duct work. This not only disallowed having a door opening directly into the bedroom, but also caused an awkward placement of pipe for the sink. We need to add some shelving or cabinets for towel storage, but really, its fine like it is.

The lack of a door directly into the bedroom has not been an issue at all. (My bedroom had been used as a family room up until the time that we bought the house. ..I love having french doors opening onto the deck and back yard, its a very nice feature for a bedroom :) )
How about the shelving you see in hotels for towels? The chrome open shelf, with a towel bar on the bottom?

You could install this high up on a wall; (so heads aren't banging into it) maybe the wall that has the horizontal grab bar. Even if it is too tall for you, you can use one of those
"pincher/grabby thing-y" to pull a towel down. And, the towels would be handy for coming out of the shower.

I know I have seen them in catalogues; perhaps you could even find online at bathroom stores (Bed, Bath & Beyond?) An alternative would be to check a home improvement store (again, online tends to have more of a selection). There are so many organizational things available now- it would just depend on the look (and maybe the pocketbook!)

Also, check the container store online.

Restoration Hardware, which I've been a loyal customer of for years now. (I should own stock in this company) has some very sturdy looking shelving options that are glass and chrome, etc... I'm hoping the longer I wait and become settled in here, the more sure I'll be as to what way I want to add the storage. However, they're having their annual bath sale right now. 25% off of everything. Thanks for mentioning BB&B, I hoard their coupons!
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I'm getting this for Rose's album
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hmmmmm.... and if you go to my profile page, the album does not show up? I'll double check that I made it a public album.
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It works for me and did yesterday. Nice bathroom Rose!
We renovated this year. Master bedroom with bathroom downstairs. Helps me a lot! I'll try to take pictures tomorrow and post them. Now I have a project to do tomorrow...yeah!
Yes, Canifet, please post them :) It is so nice to not have to worry about stairs. We used Tom Masters, Joel, and Georgia's photos, among others, for ideas as to what we wanted to do.

.. . Last night I was "home alone," so, Don and all of my kids call throughout the evening, and without exception they all remind me how I shouldn't be doing stairs, and I reassure them how safe I am. Then.... this morning I open up the front door to get the newspaper, and there on the outside of the door are my house keys dangling in the lock. Pretty funny, right? I was safe from falling though. 8)
I forgot about Restoration Hardware- you're right, they have great stuff. And, 25% off is hard to resist! I used to watch for the bath sale, as well as the lighting sale.

Don't tell your family about the keys- they'll never leave you alone! LOL

p.s.- hoarding BB&B coupons, same here. Don't know why they even have an expiration date on them when everyone knows it doesn't matter! Wish they would just lower pricec & skip the coupons all together!
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