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  • Theresa, I've been thinking about you too. I don't know if you have the right number for me, (it hasn't changed) We've got company arriving any second, so not going to pm you right now, but will soon. I hope you and your family are doing well, I not only have been concerned for your progression, but also hoping your son is still not needing any more surgery... I'm really okay, got a different type of PEG placed in December, and have been so much better since. (mic-key type) lots going on here, will write you about it later. D xo
    I keep meaning to write.... hope you're doing okay. Hopefully this week I'll get a pm off to you. xo

    I got your message. Thanks for the bday wishes :) I'm sorry to hear your tube has caused pain. I'm back to battling the darned granulation tissue again. When you're up to it, I'd love to hear more about the diaphragm pacer implant. Keep your spirits up! (I know you battle) Will send you a pm soon, just not today. Was out of town, too much to do, and too exhausted to do any of it. xo

    The right mask is everything (well, that and the expiration pressure being low enough) I know it can be miserable until you get the right one. What type do you have? I will write you more later, we're just back from vacation, followed up by more company. So, trying to catch up. Hang in there, you'll soon be glad you have the bipap. really. xo
    Hi, I hope all is well! Im glad you posted about the Mirena. I was afraid other woman might get turned off as well. I agree there are symptoms but hormones have been around forever and I never heard of neurological problems/ALS being caused by them. You helped me awhile back with my questions and I gave it a shot and (fingers crossed) I think it saved me from a hyst! Thanks for being so helpful! Be well!
    Happy Birthday Scott! Rest is probably good...just enjoy being away, if you can...and no teenager will ever let you know they are having fun:) It is some code they your parents crazy code of the way, that is a lifetime code! Oh, I am trying to get the guts to travel...we are going for a short weekend trip and go from there:) I am such a whimp...
    Everyone should go a little slower when we travel, it allows you to see new things! I always wanted to see Independence Hall...such a History Fan! Talk with the nurse on Friday went really well, I think we understand each other better...she opened up, to my surprise, about her fears...I think this will work! I have slept for two days...I think my body just said stop, but I think it was a relief to share the fear with the staff at hospice. We are really looking forward to seeing you when you get back! We will come over and sit on your beautiful deck. Text or email anytime...I am wide awake now, and it's 12:30. Watching comedy central and medicine! ENJOY YOUR TRIP-YOU DESERVE IT! Love, Lori & Jay
    Good grief! according to the little info blurb (above this message field) it says your last activity was 4:41 AM.. A M ?? how about sleep? silly girl. I hope the LAX tournament is going well, Call me, or message me.
    Thank heavens your doing better! What timing. I sure hope it works out to where we can get together. Try not to tire yourself out toooooo much! (your daughter is a little comedian :) )
    Hi, the pics I posted were from my brother in laws camera that he posted to facebook. We just got a new camera, so my kids will teach me how to post them here(I hope!!) I too am not very computer savvy. My kids were horrified that I did not know how to use my new IPOD, let alone download music. I am 10 yrs older than you, and remember our first remote control TV. That was hi tech!! HUGS Lori
    hi canfiet yes it is so true it affects us all a little different sorry about your on a peg tube now been about a month my speech is getting worse everyday they upped my baclofen to see if it will help.i to when fatiqued or real tired find it so hard to talk or be understood .i hate this disease well keep fighting the fight your not alone were all in it together take care jeffp
    Teresa, I just got back and saw your post on the sticky thread. If I was the person that suggested that you look on the search box and hurt your heart, please accept my apology. I have been with my daughter who is 35 and pregnant with her first baby-she is now one week past her due date...she is seeing a Nurse midwife who does not believe in any interventions-not even a pelvic!! Can you see my face of HORROR!! I am a nervous wreak. xo
    hi canfiet how are you doing now.has the als caused any major problems you know like your hands legs speech ect.i was dx aug 09 with sporidic bubar it has affectef my speech i now have a peg tube i have constant activity throughout my whole body.but i can still walk use my hands still able to do finish carpentry to a limit though i dont need to over do it well just wanted to say hi i see you visited my post well drop me a line god bless you and the family
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