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  • hello mare,
    i'm sry my brain moves faster than my click n type. i use a shane's brace. it's one i heard about on here it is an out of pocket exspense. if i remember right it was 80$. i am interested in the headrest for later on. in the meantime i had my ot adjust my pwc headrest lower so it is almost cradling my head at the occipital portion. much lower than traditionally used, the ot's suggestion. i will give it a try. good luck. i'd love to hear how it works out. also if you want me to post a picture let me know tho they have them on their website of course mp
    Hello mare. Yes to a degree Metamucil seemed to help. My family dr said it would make stool more firm and bigger instead of softer and looser. Or as my daughter describes some poop as soft serve! Hahaha!
    Hi Marianne! Thank you for touching base with me. It was good to see your message when I came back. I took a little time off. Everyone is ok, but alot has been happening in these last six months. I like your renovation pictures! Your home is beautiful. Can you explain how the rail on your ceiling works and who the manufacturer is? It looks interesting! I hope all is well with you. Kirsten
    Nice pics. You guys have been busy. The renovation looks superb. Thinking about you and Jim! Hugs, Marie
    Thank you for posting photo's - it is extremely helpful to see the accomodations that you have made to your home. My brother was diagnosed with ALS in March of this year, we moved him into our mother-in-law suite and are just beginning the process of looking at what we will need to have done to our home to make it accessable, functional and comfortable for him. It was great having the opportunity to actually see what can be done. Thank you!
    Hi Mare, thanks for your note about the bathroom... it is on an outside wall, directly underneath the full bath upstairs. I'm not sure it's wide enough, though it's 6 ft. wide once the built in cabinets come out. The next issue is then where to put the w/d...

    I have a file of everyone's comments, plans and pictures, which I'll go through if/when this gets going. I really need at least a handicap toilet if I can't squeeze the shower in!


    Yes fun indeed. My dr said it is not a symptom, but it does seem strange. Everything else is getting weaker why not that muscle?
    Hi! It was great to hear from you. I hope you and the family are doing well. Things are good here, Thanks

    It's the day we didn't want to come, but knew it had to. I'm just shattered. However, it was a comfort to learn that he passed in his sleep. Many hugs and love to you. xo
    Hi Mare, sorry I haven't answered I didn't want you to think that I was rude. I go back to the nuero in April. How are you and your hubby doing?
    I read this birthday wish you sent to me now, almost two years later, and it is exactly what I needed to see today! Missing mom terribly and your words brought such comfort. Thank You
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