1. K

    Jacksonville Florida; UF Shands or Mayo ALS Clinic

    I’m looking for pros and cons for the UF Shands and Mayo ALS Clinics in Jacksonville, FL. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
  2. KarenNWendyn

    Question about ALS clinics outside the US and Canada

    Hi all, I’m writing a book on living with ALS. I’m curious if countries besides the US and Canada have a similar clinic set-up to what we have. We have “ALS clinics” which are held approximately every 3 months and are staffed by the attending neurologist and a team of therapists who all see...
  3. V

    Newly Diagnosed Question

    My husband was recently diagnosed with ALS after a battery of tests from a referred Neurologists who suggest we get a second opinion. In the DC area we have John Hopkins, Georgetown and George Washington hospitals to choose from - all who have ALS clinics. We have appointments at both Hopkins...
  4. Nikki J

    Stem cell “clinics”

    This is an illustration of the fallacy of nothing to lose by trying. We always advise people who ask not to go to stem cell for pay clinics. These people did not have MND but this story shows how tragic results can be from unproven “ treatments”. There are PALS who have lost various...
  5. O

    Clinics in Georgia

    Are there any forum users with experience in any of the clinics accessible to Georgians? We are considering moving to an area closest to a good clinic. Thanks for any information.
  6. A

    Experience with Clinics in Los Angeles?

    My mom has a new patient clinic scheduled at UCLA next week. I notice they aren't on the ALSA certified list, although they are on the MDA list. From a few people (ALSA Regional Care Manager + an OT) she's heard that the Clinic at Cedars is quite good. Cedars is ALSA Certified. Any experience...
  7. O

    Advice on ALS Clinic Selection?

    Hello. My father was diagnosed w/ALS earlier this month at West Virginia University (WVU). The diagnosis and recommendation to begin Radicava was so swift from WVU that I suggested he get a 2nd opinion. We had the 2nd opinion at the Cleveland Clinic last week, and they want to re-run the EMG and...
  8. T

    VA compensation

    According to the Rep at PVA who filed my brothers compensation claim, he should receive his 1st check at the end of November. Will it be retroactive from date of dx or from date of initial symtoms. I ask because I was approved for back conditions @ 10% in 2014. Much to my surprise, it was retro...
  9. gigem

    Wife diagnosed with bulbar ALS - some questions

    Hello all. My 52 year old wife was recently diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS. Initial diagnosis was by a neurologist Dr. Greg McLauchlin at Baylor, who then referred us to Dr. Harati at Baylor who confirmed the diagnosis a few weeks ago. Obviously it's been a very rough few months for us...
  10. S

    Stem Cell Clinics

    Have any other patients experience with stem cell treatment for ALS at Dr Steenblock's clinic or Dr Bryn Henderson's clinic both in LA in the USA? Thanks Steve