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  • Hello Dear Jacque--I think about you and S--and pray you're both doing better! Hugs to you! Love, Ann
    couldn't have anything to do with living where it's smokin'? Might just be our age. Can't seem to make mine go away either. Put it on like crazy just after my brother died. Guess I was making up for him not being able to eat. Now it's too happy where it is and doesn't want to go! Are you sure the hot weather isn't going to melt it off?
    I'm glad we're e-friends too!
    Thank you for thinking of me. It's getting rough, but we'll find a way to deal with it. Thank you again. Hugs to you.
    Hey, sweetheart, I love your "word" to repeat. Remember Keith Green? "There is a Redeemer"? I repeated that phrase for years, off and on all day. It is very helpful. I hope you and Sam are doing better as time goes on. but I realize this hasn't been much time, also. Thanks for visiting and posting. Love you much! Ann
    Glad to hear that you are getting into a new normal. Congrats on the sleeping without the tv. Must be strange sleeping without him. As for getting fat, .... I believe that is winter insulation!! ;) I'm sure it will come off once the weather finally warms up.
    It's not spring break here until next week. Heading to the ocean with my guys. My oldest is heading back to Saskatchewan. He finally found a job there and that's where all his friends are. Will miss him.
    I'm envious of you getting to sleep in!
    Miss our chats.
    you keep in touch too!
    Hey thanks for the hugs! :)
    We have had moose in our yard lately. An occasional deer. The bears come back in the spring. I live in the middle of town too, so I'm not out in the bushes! Can't wait to plant a garden again! Spring can't come soon enough. Other than that it's the same ole. How about you?
    Dear Jacque. I pray you and Sam are doing as well as possible, and glad you're seeing signs of spring. We've had some birds check out the premises for making nests, but from the house I can't actually see any signs of approaching spring. I hear the birds and from my room can see the geese who like the pond, which is not far from this side of the house. I think about you so much... love you, dear Jacque. Ann
    Sorry to hear that you are cold. Hopefully winter won't last too much longer! Sending ((((hugs))))
    Hello Hopeful Warrior!
    I do like your name. Thanks for appreciating my post on green-eyed-envy, its always rather rewarding to know that a shared experience is usefull to someone else. We are all in this together somehow.

    I hope all is going reasonably well for you and your family,
    Just got over the flu and am working all the time. Hubby was in Saskatchewan for a week and a half. Came home this morning while I was at work. Is leaving tomorrow morning for 2 weeks. There is a strike at the railroad and he is a supervisor so will be filling in for the strikers.
    How are you and Sam doing? Any signs of winter leaving yet? Thanks for the hug. Sending another one back at you(((((hugs)))))
    Dear Jacque, praying for you and your dear daughter. I expect holidays are especially tough, and think about your loss.

    Much love,
    Oh Jacque hun, I am so so sorry I missed that your husband had passed!! I just havent been on here as much as I used to be (except for updating everyone about Iris).....I have had such a busy time with my daughter being so sick on top of my dad......... Oh hun, I am so very sorry. Please know that I am thinking of you dear heart!!!! Hugs, Kari
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