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  • Hi Kari- it's Karin Bolette- I've not been on the site for close to a year. My syptoms are now progressing quickly and in November have an appointment at the clinic. Everyone except the clinic has diagnosed me with Bulbar ALS, but now my arms and legs are involved. I got a power chair which is great. Now I can go almost anywhere- at lease fore the time. How's your daughter doing? Been thinking of you. Respond if you can. If your moving on I can understand. Karin
    hi kari,happy b day and new year.
    i hope everything is ok with you and your daughter.
    please get in touch if you can
    Kari, I see you haven't been here for a while, but in case you check in: Merry Christmas! And I hope your daughter is OK.
    Hi Kari,

    I hope this year's holiday season will be a joyful one for you and your daughter, and all of the good memories of your dad are with you.
    hi kari,not seen you for so long on the forum.
    i hope everything is ok with you and your daughter.
    miss you lots, love caroline xxx
    Hi pretty lady! Hope that your world is slowly becoming calmer. You deserve it! Steven is home . Rolled his car 4 times. fell asleep at the wheel. Hope your world is better.

    good to see you back! I was so sorry to learn of your father's passing and have been praying that your daughter is improving and that your life is peaceful.

    I have been holding my own, so to speak..with lots of help from hospice, my housekeeper, and Tim H.. I've even been able to take a couple long road trips that were on my bucket list. :) We are talking about knocking off another list item. This winter or fall -- I would like to do the American Orient express through the Rockies. Tim would like to take me to Alaska, but I am not sure that I'm up for that trip. A cruise is something I've never done -- any suggestions?

    Are you still working? How is your pain, after all the turmoil in your life?

    Hugs filled with love and blessings to you my friend.
    your very welcome , i hope the best for you , dad , and daughter i was just comming here to leave you a message talk about e.s.p. .... i am sorry about your dad and i hope it is a peaceful passing you can get hold of me on facebook if you need me and i will be proud to wear his name
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