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  • Hi Crystalkk,
    On and off for years I've been searching for answers and then today I found your post
    "losing use of your hands"
    I nearly cried because what I was reading is happening to me right down to the facial twitching :( but I also felt so much relief because these symptoms are real and it is a real condition.
    It was a long ago when you posted this topic but I do hope you are doing well and life is being good to you and if you do log on again. Thank you :)
    Just wanted to ask you about your progression and how it started?
    I had mainly bulbar symptoms for years before balance problems began.
    Hi again- how are things going? Any new answers/ leads? All the best- Marianne
    Hi, Crystal- Haven't seen you for awhile. How are you & how are things going? Take care- Marianne
    hi crystalkk thank you for liking my tattoo people kept saying you werent going to do it i proved them wrong i have full sleve tattoos on both arms but still some area to do more .its funny though the looks you get from people like your trash or no good .well i hope all is ok with you tell me alittle about yourself and your dx .i have bulbar als but it has spread throughout my entire body but i walk workout can still work to a limited amoynt of hrs per day well take car jeff
    Thanks, Crystal. Babies are great! I'm not responding on my thread because I want it to quiet down, in light of Kay Marie's tragic loss. But, I do appreciate your sentiments! Marianne
    thank you, sweet friend
    Your kids are really really sweet
    how are the tests/dx going?
    Love to you and yours
    I agree, I was shocked! I actually yelled out loud to the TV and my kids are like 'whats wrong mom?' I mean I Really cant stand that Vienna, she is soooo strange.....
    I will be thinking of you this friday and my appt/emg is the following friday........yikes!
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