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  • Just checking on you. I hope you're just too busy enjoying life to hang out on the forum. Let us hear from you, and Merry Christmas
    Hello Chief...Olly had a great thread about checking in on your friend list...I got overwhelmed by how many friends I have so I stopped checking in. Bad friend! Olly suggested we get over our guilt about it and start making the rounds to friends. Her thread is neat, check it out. Love and prayers coming your way!
    hi chief,just dropping by to see how you are doing..........looks like a while since you were on.
    how are you? i hope the pls is not causing too much trouble and your busy getting on with life.
    drop in on the pls forum some time,love to hear from you.
    take care,caroline.
    HI Chief!

    Didn't know your post was here- didn't mean to ignore you! Thanks for the welcome... I've seen lots of great tips and I'm sure I'll come looking when I need more. The neuro appt was ridiculous.... she had nothing helpful to say at all. Don't know why I bothered, actually.

    Trying to get all the living I can into the time while I can still get around... the walker helps a LOT! We spent a month in Hawaii with lots of family and are trying to decide what to do next. Maybe Thailand? Think I'll try some Traditional Chinese Medicine.... David Anderson, who is an ALS member has gone to China - he's there now, actually. I admire his tenacity! I'll follow in his footsteps if it helps!

    Hi Chief, thanks for the message of Christmas cheer. I just got back from downtown seeing all the lights and carolers...there is a huge star on the Macy's building that goes from many stories high down to the ground. All the trees and bushes are lit up with lights all up and down the streets. Its really something. Im doing good. Looks like I will be able to move into an assisted retirement center before christmas. I wont have to worry anymore about the future, in terms of getting good care as the folks there are so kind and welcoming. It is the answer to my and many prayers here on the forum in my behalf. Thanks Ya'll!
    I am so grateful! Like you, Im still walking pretty good, my speech only occassionaly slurred when I am tired. Slow progression, a great gift. God Bless you and your family.
    Hey, Chief! Good to see you; how are things going? Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Marianne
    Hello Chief! Thanks for the invite to be friends. I love this forum, its just like family to me. I'll have to read your posts and get to know you. Drop by and tell me more about yourself. One thing i can see, you have a great family...the photos are wonderful! I'' have to figure out how to do an album myself. Im not the most computer literate, but I'll mess around and see if i can wing it. I love hiking, more than anything else in the world, mountains, streams, forrests. I'm doing "memory banking" walks, so when my legs give out, Ill be able to close my eyes and bring back the 5 senses memory!
    God Bless you and your family
    Hi Chief - thanks for the friend request! We are on the way to the neurologist's office in Victoria, BC (Vancouver Island), Canada today for a 6 month check-up - not much to report... same/same. Still walking and talking - that's a blessing.... How're things with you this fine October day?
    Hey Thank you guy's for the Happy B-Day, you guy's are the best!

    I had a wonderful day... Kid and grandkids, brothers and sisters came by and wife cooked a fantastic meal. Got lots of gifts......I'm am blessed.
    Hi ValRunk thanks for dropping in, so sorry to have to meet like this. I too am new to this site but it's been a great source of info. In 05 I was DX with Acoustic Neuroma a benign brain tumor. surgery left me w/some facial paralysis, taste buds near wiped out, total hearing loss in L/ear and loss of balance. In 07/09 Dx PLS weakness and more loss of balance...UGH! Then in 11/09 Dx with Spinal Stenosis, getting very stiff and...Ooh the pain! Recently now I am experiencing tenderness or burning sensation on feet and legs, have to run around bare foot and in shorts/sweats all the time, I don't know if its related or not I have app to see Doc next week so I hope not something new. Other than that I am doing fantastic and feel great I exercise daily....well at least I this info helps a little. GOD Bless us all.
    I am new to this site. I can't quite get all of the "branches" right!

    I was diagnosed with PLS in 9/2009 (one day after my 40th b-day). It has been really hard to find much PERSONAL information due to it being such a rare disease. Oh, I can find some sites that tell me the FACTS, but not how it affects people on a real leve!!
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