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  • Hi awieleba,

    I was wondering if you ever figured out what was causing your symptoms. Mine sound very similar, with clean emgs, NCV's, MRI's etc. just wondering if you could provide any insights.

    God Bless
    I'm from Germany and your answer is very Importland to me. My englisch is't well but I hope, you will understand my Message.
    We have got very similar Symptoms. I have got as well muscle twiching all over my Body, buzzing, crampi, weakness and muscle pain. My Reflexes are brick and I have got + ana without positive subtypes. Noone knows my dissease and i hav'nt an diagnosis. One Dr thinks that mabe i've got a kollagenose. This is rhyme. I Hope you can tell me something about your way and dissease.
    Hey. How are you doing? Have you had an official diagnosis ? My issues to started after a vaccine. I have had no luck with drs . But some think I am crazy when I am not.
    Hello. How are u doing? I am curious how your symptoms are? I to had vaccine and I have had a number of symptoms and no help. Drs think I am crazy.
    Hi there. Hope it ok to contact you. I am new to this forum but came across one of your comments about having foot pain after wearing heels post pregnancy. I have the same thing and also fasiculations with ?atrophy. I was just wondering if you ever got an answers to what was causing all of this.
    Dear awielaba,

    I read your 2008 post and your story was very much like mine. Pain the moves around, fairly sudden onset. May I ask how you are doing? Were you ever diagnosed?

    Thanks and hope and pray you are ok
    Checking in on you pretty lady.. Wondering how you were doing, and let you know I am thinking of you and yours.
    Please read the second post first so it will make sense! I didn't realize there was a character limit!
    I was googling stuff about antibiotics and your post came up that you contracted c-diff from antibiotics a while back.

    I see you were undiagnosed and was wondering if you have lyme or something else. Do you see a particular Dr.?

    I am just trying to learn as much as I can. I too have young children and am hoping for some mobility back.

    Thank you for reading. I hope you are well!

    Hi Awieleba,

    I saw you are located in Oakland Co., MI. I am in Sterling Heights, (Macomb Co.)

    I struggled with a possible ALS diagnosis for over a year and then possible MS for 6 months. I have both upper motor neuron signs like spasticity and an abnormal babinski reflex and also lower motor neuron symptoms like weakness, fasciculations, and atrophy.

    I can no longer walk unaided and have lost the use of my left arm and hand. (I am typing this with one hand).

    I finally became my own doctor and found a Lyme Doctor in Michigan. I had my blood drawn and sent it to IGENEX.

    In June 2011, I tested positive for lyme and began oral antibiotics. I have received no results and am scheduled to receive a PICC line tomorrow. I will be receiving the antibiotic Rocephin.
    Hi pretty girl.. Wanted to stop in and check on you.. PM me sometime and let me know how things are going.. I sure help well..
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