No Appetite

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Has anyone else experienced having no appetite? This has been going on for over 1 month now. There is no hunger, no desire to eat and the site of food is nauseating.

Thank you.
Are you eating at all?
How much weight have you lost?
Is constipation a problem?
Are you nausiated by ALL food? or certain types?
Are you on any Meds? Side-effect related?

Have you spoken to your doctor?
Seen a Herbalist/Naturopath?

I don't have any answers for you...Just a coupla things to think about.
My Dad has no appetite too and the food has no taste for him, exeptionally too sweet and too salted food. Anyway, he still eats a little.
Since the diagnoses, he lost about 15-20 kilograms. (5 years)
lack of sleep

Hi everyone,

I am now in Ottawa with my brother. I will be his caregiver for the next three weeks. He does not eat a lot as well. His food intake constitute of a cup of food (passed through the blender) in the morning around 9-9:30 ( spoon fed most of the time, or we put the cup to his mouth). He has two cups of tea in the afternoon around 1:30-2pm and late at night (around 10 or so) he may have a cup of ricedream (ice cream for vegans) or some "vegan" custard.

He didn't even used to have the tea but he's trying to increase his intake of water.

I think as the body metabolizes, one needs less nutrition. He hasn't said anything about the smell of food...

Take care

Hi Giselle. I don't feel like eating a lot of days either. Today for instance I had eaten nothing by 3 pm and still did not feel hungry but I forced myself to eat something because we were going out. I don't eat anywhere near the size of portions as I used too. A year ago I would have been ready to eat the leg off the coffee table. The ALS seems to destroy your appetite from what I have read and as it progresses it gets worse. In the later stages endorphins I believe they are called are released by starvation and fool your brain into thinking you don't need food. Have you tried to give your brother protein drinks like Ensure? Depending on which ones you get they can provide 300 to 500 calories per small can. This would be more nutritious than a cup of tea at least once per day. They taste like a milkshake so he might think that was ok taste wise. Take care. Al.
Hi Al (and the others)

My brother used to take some of those supplements, he also would had protein powder (vegan) to his food. I think he is at the point now that he just isn't hungry. He has a lot of trouble swallowing...and does not have a G-tube (doesn't want one). It's like his body is shutting down...

We ensure that what he does it is balanced in terms of nutrients: protein, fat, carbs, vitamins,...He is a vegan, has been for the past 30 years, only eats organic food, really good food, a variety of vegetables that most of us don't even know exists, plenty of grains, lentils etc.... Actually he was the poster child for health prior to this ALS thing. Exercised regularly (very chiseled, muscular body) always rode his bike (he hates cars, they cause to much pollution) everywhere...

When are you leaving for Cuba? I speak spanish, perhaps I could be the interpreter for you and your wife :)

Take Care

Water Intake...

Be careful with Tea, Coffee (anything with caffeine)...

While there is no evidence that caffeine in beverage form is dehydrating.
Its diuretic effects are usually compensated for by the beverage's fluid content.
So if you're drinking Tea or Coffee to help keep the body're probably not getting desired effect.

The lack of appetites might be due to the nature of the disease...
Wasting of muscles-> lack of exercise-> less energy used-> less food needed to provide the bodies energy requirements.
It's double edged sword...
You can increase your appetite with more exercise, but if you're too tired/weak...

(btw -"G"... How's Ottawa? If you get a chance to go out...head down to the "Blue Cactus Bar & Grill" (in the Byward Mkt). It's one of the restaurants I used to manage.GREAT Margueritas. Also... It's +13 in Calgary today and it'll be -15(D'oh!) by Sunday...Damn Chinooks!)

I discovered this summer (while in Bracebridge, actually)...

If you drink Boost or Ensure,
"Presidents Choice" makes a similar product and is nutritionally equal to Boost AND about $2-3 cheaper per 6 pack. :D
Hi Mike,

He only drinks organic herbal tea that is caffeine no diuretic effect. I'm the one who should slow down on the caffeine ( one cup a day).

My background is in science (Bachelors of Science: Biology and a Masters in physiology of exercise) so yes, you are right about needing less energy when we don't exercise. I am sure his basal metabolic rate is not what it was when he was muscular...

(Thanks for the tip about the Blue Cactus Bar and Grill, I'm sure I'll need a margarita soon. It's snowing in Ottawa, not too cold though...

Take care

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