M28 - Fasciculations, myoclonus, postnasal drip and slurred speech, MRI-findings

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Definitely ask for a consultation to discuss with your neurologist. This can be caused by lots of things, so don't jump to conclusions yourself.
All results have to be interpreted in light of of other results and clinical exams.
Let us know for sure.
Lifeover, you’ve had 15 replies, you joined Oct 2022, within in that time
you have probably read that someone just 28 years old has very little
chance of having ALS. It’s like 6 digits against it being ALS which
is a rare disease itself. With your very lengthy first post followed with
another lengthy reply.

So many times we have seen a young parent concerned about not being
there for their little children like yours. Like Postpartum anxiety for
women but I guess men too to a degree.

After all, your last post apparently still leaves you with Health Anxiety
after being told by our extremely ALS knowledgeable members you
have been cleared of ALS. And you wrote you had the cleanest EMG.

There isn’t anything more that can be posted here until your next
appointment as you have said yourself. Until then…

I hope that will help you get past your ALS concerns.
I agree comletely with you Clearwater. I hate to be in this position, and I'm desperately trying to dig my way out of this hole.
The thing is that we can't say anything more until you see your neurologist and tell us how THEY reviewed your complete MRI test results.
Remember you are asking the terminally ill to keep going on this path with you. It is your doctors job to do that.
All the best.
When you speak with the neurologist who ordered these tests, ask her/him what differentials are on the table. Nobody here is a doctor so rely on your doctor for the next step.

You have some abnormalities that need explaining. Make sure you get a through explanation from your doctor. Write down your questions ahead of time, even if it's s phone conversation.
Got a call from neuro.

He told me that this finding in my brain, lesion in anterior horn of lateral ventricle, doesnt have anything to do with als.
Wonderful news!
I would not jump to any conclusions and I hope all turns out well.

My wife has Bulbar ALS, The first inkling (hint) that something was wrong was she had a speech impediment that sounded like she had had a heart attack. his was about a year before the diagnosis she got about ALS, but things had progressed rather rapidly.

Actually, you convey /communicate yourself very well. As a descendant of Fins, I pray that your problems are treatable and solvable. Stay positive, stay in touch
Thank you for your reply, and bless you for praying. I am so sorry about your wifes diagnosis, it is just too unfair that people still dont have treatment for this in 2023.

I am really working on my thoughts and battling against the fears and trying to think rationally all the time, despite any symptoms I would have.

It is 100% sure that I have something, the weakness, atrophy and speech has gotten worse, shoes are loose in my feet but I dont see it fair to come here every week to complain my situation. And note to myself, doctor hasnt confirmed my atrophy. But I am having my thumbs up and fingers crossed that whatever I have, would be treatable.

In thursday I have MRI imaging of the pituitary gland, they are trying to see if that could cause some of my symptoms.

It seems clear that ALS is off the table, which is great. Therefore, I am closing this thread so you can focus on the problems that are in front of you. As has been suggested, keeping a diary, your self-care regimens, and what works/doesn't may be helpful for you. But it is not fair to keep your diary here.

All the best.
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