Dr. Leo McCluskey(University of PA)

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Apr 25, 2007
I have an appointment with him next Tuesday. I heard he is very good. Has anyone else been seen by him? Heard anything about him?
Hello. My husband is going to him. He seems to be good. The office staff can be very bad at times. Not returning phone calls etc. If you have a problem keep calling and calling. Let him know also if you are having problems with getting call backs. He will have no problem ordering the test that you need. We still don't have a diagnosis yet. He is leaning away from ALS which I am happy for. If he says you definitely have ALS you will seem him at the ALS center. I find that writing down some of the questions that you have for him is a good idea. That way you won't forget and it might be 2-3 months before you see him again. My prayers are with you. Please let us know how you make out with your appointment. Take care, Sunshine
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Hi Jennifer, I was wondering how you and hubby were doing? I read this post and remembered you speaking of this Dr. Is he at Jefferson? That is where Jack was diagnosed. Have a good day. My Best to all, Beebe
Hi Beebe. Dr. McCluskey is from University of Pa. He also saw Dr. Mintzer at Jefferson. My husband is hanging in there. How is Jack, Steph, and family? I kinda remember one of your post that Stephanie was going to have surgery. How did she make out? I hope things are ok with everyone. Take care. Jennifer(Sunshine)

Hi Jennifer, We are Hanging in here too. One day at a time. No Steph still hasn't had her surgery. The cadaver bone did not fuse in her neck she is walking around with a broken bone held together with some screws. She's put herself on hold because she'll be out of commission for a few months. Kids! My best to you and Hubby, Fondly, Beebe
Hi Beebe. I'm sorry to hear that. It sounds very painful. Please let her know I'm thinking of them and keeping them in my prayers. I hope you both have a great Mother's Day this Sunday. Take care. Jennifer
Dr Mccluskey

hi to you all,

I am a new member to this site. I have not been diagnosed with ALS and i apologize in advance if this site is intended for only those who have. I am looking for a friend that has had the anxiety of awaiting a diagnosed. I am a 36 yo F and have had constant muscle fasic for a couple of months, everywhere my butt, back, legs, arms, fingers. I cant say that i have true muscle weakness but def a sense of upper arm soreness when i use those muscles, hands/fingers feel tight mainly in AM, recently my L knee became sore when climbing steps. My PCP reluctantly gave me a referral to a neuro. he told me it was stress and gave me valium, i am not so convinced.

I too made an appt for Dr McCluskey hoping that he will do an EMG, the appt is in mid SEPT! i just dont know what to do. Do i just wait it out? Call another neuro? I have 2 little ones and am so afraid of the possibility of leaving them, all i do is cry. i recently lost both of my parents to other diseases. Hence my anxiety level.

I do know Dr. McCluskey is an excellent neuro, as well as Dr. Mintzer ( i worked for him for many years). i dont know your exact situations but my prayers are with you all.
Hi MTV. This site is not only for people with a diagnosis of ALS. People have to start somewhere and if most of us didn't know as much about ALS as we do from being on sites like this then we would be completely at the mercy of a lot of Neuro's with little or no experience with ALS. I'm not slamming any doctors but some just don't see enough cases and if you don't know which questions to ask you could be a long time fooling around trying to get a diagnosis. Feel free to ask questions and use the search feature to look for information. Most things have been discussed but if you can't find an answer just ask in the Do i have ALS Is This ALS Section. Welcome by the way.
Hi MTV. We also like Dr. Mintzer. He referred us to Dr. McCluskey because he is a specialist with MND. I guess that is why you chose him. The wait is going to drive you crazy. Maybe they could call you if someone cancels an appointment? If you feel you can't wait, maybe try another ALS specialist to see if you can get in sooner. My husband has fasics and muscle cramps all over the place. He has some other medical problems that are making things difficult to diagnose. I hope things turn out good for you. Take care, Sunshine
Thanks for your replies!

Does anyone know is it possible to have overall body fascics for weeks/months without true muscle weakness and not have ALS?

I am new to this entire disease and i CANT think of anything else. I cant work, eat, sleep. Everytime i get myself together i feel them and think immediately that i have this for sure.

Thanks again!
It could be benign fasciculation syndrome. I think the website is www.aboutbfs.com. Try using the search option so you can see other post about it. Take care, Sunshine
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