Cervical and lumbar radiculopathy abnormal emg

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Jan 7, 2024
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Hi and thank you to anyone who may be able to calm me down about this. Around 2 months ago I started getting muscle spasms in my right arm. Within a day or so the twitching and spasms spread to legs other arm some in shoulder or jaw. Basically over. I went to doctor took blood test it appeared normal so I was referred to neurologist who gave me general exam and emg. The results were abnormal and suspicion was cervical and lumbar radiculopathy. I then took an mri for back and neck and they confirmed I had some pinched nerves in my neck and benign fasciculation syndrome. So 2 months later I still have twitching and I just feel generally sore all over or weak. I'm still able to do everything and grip things etc I guess it's more of just a perceived weakness. Sometimes fingers and hands are a little shaky. I'm still walking can still do all my normal tasks haven't dropped anything or fallen. Can still swallow with no problems. My question is does the dull pain I feel in legs and sometimes arm and wrist indicate als symptoms? The neurologist does not think I have it and I think this may be happening based on 2 months of stress health anxiety and fatigue. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
Dull pain is not an als onset symptom and you report feeling weak but have no clinical weakness. If you have concerns follow up with your doctor but don’t worry
Thank you I appreciate the response and I truly feel for anyone going through these kinds of issues.
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