Anybody have a Dynavox

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Jun 5, 2006
looking for X10 and pc experiences with this product
Is this a computer device that speaks on behalf of the person?

And replaces all remotes in the house, does X10, pc interface.....

need info on quirks and user support
Mine is a older version, Dynamite with a head mouse. I can control the TV with it. I love it . Only problem that I had is that I need extra battery power for the head mouse ,separate from the Dynamite unit.
my Mother had one, and it was great!

I donated it to ALS charities when she earned her wings.

If I can help at all, just give me a hollar!
I was considering a Dynavox unit but after their poor customer service I will not do business with them. I am going to purchase from PRC (Prentke Romich Company) which allowed me to borrow their device for an entire month at NO CHARGE! Dynavox charges $150 per week for the equal size/feature device. Here is the story:

I faxed in on 7/29/06 my rental order. I was told that they would be in contact with me within two days of receipt of the rental order and I would have the device in a week. They told me that they received the order on Monday July 31 but they did not call me until the following Monday. They said they left a phone message. But we found none on our answering machine and their number was not on our caller ID. On Thursday of that week we called the toll free number to the rental department. Got a message machine so we left a message. No body returned our call for two days so the next Monday I emailed them to cancel my rental agreement with them. What level of customer service is that? To me is was terrible service. The device I had from PRC, which I had at the same time as when I ordered the Dynavox rental unit, worked great. I did have to call them about how to do certain things and either got a live person, or they returned my call in 5 minutes each and every time! I am going with PRC for sure. If you have not heard about their company, go on the internet search and look at what they offer. It is worth the time I assure you. I have always heard that Dynavox was the big player in this field. Well being big does not mean being the best to me based on their lack of support for a potential customer. Don't you agree ? Sorry for being negative on your Question, but I wanted you to hear this struggle I had to go through in the past three weeks with Dynavox. Hope you find the right machine.
Not negative

Hey, that was great!

You past on your experience with a company.

Can you say how the device you are using is going? Brouchures are fine but how are you?

Good or bad we want to hear about products we recommend. Just because one guy gets good service in one part of the country doesn't mean everybody does.
Thank you for your replies to my comments about my bad experience with Dynavox. The Prentke Romich Company machine that I used for a month is wonderful. It is soo easy to create things. And It has more choices in the tone of the voice you choose for the device to use. I like the "Paul" voice. Anyway, the features are great. I don't need it now,but it comes with built in LED head movement controls that are soo easy to use. All you do is stick a 1/4" diameter sticker on your head and you are ready to go. The dynavox company equipment require you to purchase a seperate LED head movement device to plug into their machine. I think it costs about $4-500 extra. The one I used is all built in. The Vantage model that I was using has a larger screen than the M4 dynavox and they both operate about the same. But it is the support to me that is the most important thing to consider. If they ain't there when you need them, then you are in a hole! That is why I am going with the PRC company.

Hope ya'll have a great day. Rick
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