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    Hello – new member, diagnosed 2011

    Hello Everyone, Although I have had ALS over five years, I am a new member to this forum and would like to introduce myself. I was diagnosed back in February 2011. Physically, from the chin up, I am doing well. I can still speak – albeit softly – and eat which I am very grateful for. South of...
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    My son was using this device and became very proficient. However, his eyesight unexpectedly deteriorated very quickly and lost this way of communicating. It was such a gift for him when he was able to communicate with it. It's very hard for us to part with, but we're hoping it will be...
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    Dynovox vmax and vmax+ with eye gaze series 5

    Hi, I've just begun researching the dynovox products that my uncle gave me before passing. He said that he paid a lot for the items, but was pleased with the ability to communicate. Everything is registered with dynovox, all working and ready to be used. I also have parts of the stand, one piece...
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    TOBII PCEye Go + Communicator 5 Software

    TOBII PCEye Go + Communicator 5 Software purchased 1/16 for $2539.00. This attaches to a tablet or laptop for voice communication using mouse, switches or Eye Control. My wife loved it for communicating through SKYPE with family. Although it has capability for far more, we were not that...
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    Used C 12 with Ceye

    I have a C12 with Ceye. Comes with C12, Ceye, power cord, batteries, Tobii and operating software including all papers on operating the Tobii. Please contact me. [email protected] Asking $800 but willing to work with someone.
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    ALS Credibility Prediction Software--Please Share Treatment Experiences

    Dear ALS Patients and Families, It's really wonderful to see a place like this so active with support for each other. Thank you for being here. I'm a computer science student at Oregon State University and for my senior design project, my partners and I are building software that helps...
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    type to speech options

    I'm losing my speech and looking at text to speech options. While I've been typing for years, I'm losing control of my right hand and so I'll be doing the hunt and peck version soon. For this reason, I'd really like software that will allow me to save phrases. Anyone using something like I am...
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    Tobii I-15 Computer with Eye Gaze Technology

    This computer has been used less than 20hrs. It comes with everything that is pictured. The Tobii I-15 has Windows and EyeGaze communication software that speaks for the user. The screen is 15' and can sit on a desktop or be mounted with the equipment. Asking $5,250 and we will pay the cost of...
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    Transferring Vent PALS to Nursing Facility

    Hi fellow CALS, My name is Ariel. It's been many years since I've posted on this forum but our family has determined we need some help form those that might have more experience than us. My mother has had ALS for 10 years now. She's completely paralyzed except for eyes and mouth (which have...
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    PLS Forum Default

    Hi Folks, this may seem like a silly question since I'm tech challenged, but HOW DO I SET UP THIS PAGE AS MY DEFAULT PAGE? I had it set up before, but I did a software update on my Android tablet and lost a bunch of shortcuts and apps. Now I'm struggling to set this PLS page as my opening...