1. tamilard

    Cooling mattress topper

    I just want to spread the word about my newfound miracle. I have severe problems with overheating, which triggers horrible anxiety that lasts all day. My bed gets hot really quickly, which is a pain because blasting the fans and ac makes me freeze while my back remains hot, and then I sit in my...
  2. L

    Like new pressure-relieving bed (in Oregon)

    Hi! We've been trying to find someone to donate our Stratus Turn mattress and adjustable hospital bed frame to, but not having much luck. Only used 2 months. We're in Portland. Please contact me if you have any interest!
  3. K

    Trouble with Sentry 1400 Low Air Loss/ Alternating Air Mattress

    Hi all, hoping someone can help with our problems with the alternating air mattress. Just had this delivered from the ALS closet on Thursday. First two nights, she finally slept till 5am, instead of 2am. That was good. Last night she slept badly. But the rest of it is a disaster. She is so...
  4. K

    Sliding Sheets? How to Use, How to Move my PAL with One Person

    Hello all, yet another of my basic questions, can't seem to get research online for this, or by searching on sliding sheet or slider sheet on this forum! How do I use a sliding sheet? I've been currently going to the head of the bed, grasping the soaker pad while wrapping it close to her...
  5. K

    Range of Motion Exercises-Advice Please?

    Hello, Something that's really worrying me is range of motion exercises. We went months with my 87 year old mother being bed-bound before I realized we needed to push for a PT to asses. We got a simple group of exercises last month, so that's good (I hope!). I do have some ROM exercises I...
  6. Chincoteaguer

    Med Aire Alternating Pressure Mattress Cover

    Not a sale. I will give this item to anyone who is in need. Costs would be shipping. Send me a PM Ernie
  7. F

    Hospital Beds ICU type

    Looking at a hill-rom Sport2 p1900 hospital bed which goes to a minimum height of 27 inches with an air flotation mattress and will go to a chair sitting position. I i’m a little concerned about the bed height. I currently manually transfer my wife to a wheelchair and commode from an adjustable...
  8. T

    Lateral rotation mattress

    Hi all, We are going to be getting a hospital bed soon. I am thinking about a lateral rotation air mattress. My husband doesn't have much use of his arms. I realize that Medicare or insurance probably won't pay. I have a medical condition that requires me to sleep through the night. We...
  9. wmilo

    Recommendations/suggestions for a hospital bed?

    As the stairs become more difficult, I'm thinking about moving to a first floor bedroom. Any setup would require some expense (at least a new mattress, or an adjustable bed). During a couple of recent hospital stays I was impressed how comfortable the hospital beds were, and thought it made...
  10. T

    Shoulder blade & lower back pain

    Does anyone know how to alleviate shoulder blade & lower back pain? It happens at night when I go to sleep. I'm using pressure alternating air mattress . It doesn't help much. Lateral rotating bed is too expensive and it's not covered by Medicare.