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    Power Hospital Bed

    Invacare Power Hospital Bed 5301IVC, with upper body rails, no mattress, pre-owned, bought in 2015. $350/best offer.
  2. T

    very concerned I have ALS

    I am a 44 year old female with two year old twin daughters. A little background on me, I have had muscle twitches all over my body since I was 19. They have come and gone without any problems. I just notice them and I am otherwise healthy. Lately they have gotten worse and more consistent...
  3. R

    I need help using new hospital bed

    I have Synergy® Air Elite Low Air Loss Therapy and a fully electric hospital bed. I can lower the bed low enough to sit on bed, but I can’t swing my legs into bed. I have ALS that has started in my hips. I ordered a trapeze to mount to headboard. I want to learn how to lean back on raised...
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    Equipment for Donation- Wellsley ma

    Hospital bed with mattress Hoyer lift Good condition. Both are 2-3 years old. Contact me at [email protected] if interested.
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    Getting out of bed

    My father's arms have failed him before his legs. Up until now he has been kind of "rolling" out of bed onto his knees and using his stronger left arm to hold on to the mattress and stand. They recently lowered the mattress because it was too high for him to get into. This now has made it...
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    I never imagined it would hurt so bad....

    Hi Everyone, I lost my beautiful little brother on September 12, 2017. He was 47 years old with 2 young children. i knew I would miss his presence but never imagined this much. I knew what the outcome of ALS was yet still feel so unprepared. My mind keeps going back to those last few...
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    Most comfortable sleeping positions for pals?

    Hello, I've been diagnosed with ALS for two years now and I have a hard time getting comfortable in bed. I have pain from my hips to my knees. I have a hospital bed with the circulated type air mattress. I sleep on my side and I can manage to get on stomach when the leg pain sets in. Then I...
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    PressureGuard APM2 Mattress For Sale

    Lateral Rotation and Alternating Pressure mattress, with electronic control. Make an offer!
  9. Nuts

    Hospital Bed Free Pick Up

    We have an extra hospital bed. We had to replace it because the rails don't rise with the mattress when the head end of the bed is raised, and hubby needs side support. It comes with a standard hospital bed mattress. If anyone can use it, I'm happy to donate it. We are on the NC/VA border...
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    Comfortable bed

    We are searching for a comfortable bed for my husband who has ALS. He is 6'4" and weighs approx. 260 lbs. Can anyone recommend a brand which will provide him a firm mattress with the customary adjustable head and foot options? We tried a loaner hospital bed, but he sank into the middle and was...