1. Erika

    Mom is being admitted to hospice tomorrow.

    The nurse that came for the initial evaluation was super nice and explained how my mom would get all the equipment she was already using, plus what ever she needs to be comfortable including a low air loss mattress. I was so relived. She also said they have a team who specialize or have...
  2. D

    A complication I never considered!

    I just spent 4 days in the hospital with a collapsed lung and the worst part was a sore butt from the mattress! It started with the sniffles and a scratchy throat. I went to the doctor to see about an antiviral which they recommend right away for ALS people. Turns out that all there is is...
  3. B

    Alternating pressure mattress

    Want to purchase an alternating pressure mattress to replace the standard mattress that comes with my Hospice bed. Can anyone who has one give the brand and model? I have no idea what to buy. Vince
  4. K

    alternating air mattress

    I sleep on my back, can't turn myself into bed. I had to be turned every 1 to 2 hours due to terrible pain in my tailbone area, like I was laying on a sharp rock. I got an alternating air mattress which helps with my tailbone pain but now I wake up every morning with a very stiff painful back...
  5. butlertl

    Hospital Bed

    Did anyone get the Hill-Rom? What model? What mattress? I'm with the Tampa VA....any ideas what i should expect? Thank you.
  6. KimT

    Dolphin Mattress or Pro Bed

    I've been trying to be proactive in getting my hospital bed. I'm already in a great deal of pain and I've had an adjustable bed for reasons other than ALS (fibromyalgia and neck injury.) Does anyone have experience with Dolphin mattress or Pro Bed. The pro bed is a complete system and turns...
  7. KimT

    Back pain and bed

    Ok, I've reached the point of desperation. I have a queen size adjustable bed. The head and feet raise and lower. I have a rubber mattress and a non-toxic memory foam topper. Nothing is helping my back pain. Heat helps. Pain meds help. A good combination seems to be taking pain meds...
  8. Margesmn

    Turning mattress

    Hi, We are looking at purchasing a turning mattress. I'm looking for opinions on brands, suppliers and general input about the cost vs reward. Thanks!!
  9. N

    New Sleep Ideas needed

    ok, I want to hear what everyone uses for the PALS when sleep becomes an issue. Brian can't stay asleep more than 2 hours at a go and it's wearing me out. Here is what we have tried so far: Melatonin - nothing, tried different doses Robinul as he said he was filling with mucous and does have...
  10. P

    mattress solutions

    my mattress has been beating me up since october it is an adjustable bed, feet and head are adjustable. i am thinking about getting an alternating air over lay and / or sheep skin, or possibly memory foam i have read DianeH mention. any recommendations or suggestions might be helpful...