1. I

    Facial muscles

    I was diagnosed with progressive Bulbar Palsy I. January 2018. Although I could no longer swallow or speak by April of 2018, a PEG. helped and things were ok until Christmas of 2018. My limbs are weakening but I’m making the best of that. My biggest worry is my eyes. Even after sleeping well...
  2. D

    Tobii user needs glasses

    Tobii rep said bifocals with line don't work well with their eyegaze technology. My 50 year old eyes need help. Have any of you used progressive lens glasses with a Tobii? How was your experience? Do any of you have advice?
  3. ReginaS

    difference between the tobii medical device and the tobii gaming?

    My partner is using a surface pro (newest version) with the commercial tobii eyegaze bar for gamers(?) and it works - with a few kinks here and there. (Sometimes we need to restart or unplug the usb and plug it in again, we might have a way now for the bar to stay in place - the adhesive wore...
  4. JimInVA

    Shifting Sands...

    Our journey began at a Joe Bonamassa concert in November of 2012. With no advance warning, Darcey was suddenly having difficulty walking. Later that same night, she'd be unable to rise from a seated position. It was the beginning of a life phase that neither of us anticipated. For all of...
  5. JimInVA

    Eyegaze Edge - Anyone familiar with this?

    Greetings! We're looking at the Eyegaze Edge from LC Technologies and wondered if any of you had any experience with and/or comments about it. Our first Tobii of about 4 years ago was pretty much worthless... so we'd like to not duplicate the process. Any comments would be much appreciated...
  6. A

    using eyegaze outside

    I've been frustrated from not being able to use eyegaze outside where there is glare we've found a solution that work on my patio. glasses that are clear and won't darken. used a non disposable chux to cut glare! Sat out there all morning. It was heavenly!
  7. L

    VisuALS eyegaze system for sale

    Complete system including software loaded on GoPro tablet, Tobii eyegaze bar, Bluetooth keyboard and speaker plus magnetic mount. Setup but never used. Use the link below to visit the manufacturer's web site for more info. https://visuals-technology.myshopify.com/products/visuals-system Paid...
  8. A

    my journey winding down

    now that the end approaches thought I'd share a few things,. This group has provided the best support. My five years have been filled with joy I never thought possible. I give credit to my attitude of not letting this beast get hold of my heart and soul. Also for my determination to follow...
  9. N

    If your Eyegaze needs repaired - beware

    Hi All, Wanted to let you know something that you may not. This is Medicare rules. Brian’s eyegaze computer blew up a couple of months ago. We have it back for repair. Here is the kicker. You have to go through all the same paperwork you did when you purchased it. And you need a face to...
  10. L

    Eyegaze system

    Besides the Tobii Dynavox are there any other options to consider? The Dynavox with it's stand seems so big. Will be hard to locate it along with all the other equipment my PALS is using now plus a lift at some point. I can't see moving it from room to room so there might be just one location...