1. S

    Items to sell

    I have a few of the more expensive items that I would like to try to get some of my cost back on... A few of them are large so I don't know about shipping them. Here's what I have. These prices cover just what I had to pay of pocket but are still negotiable. Tobii Dynavox I-12 with Eyegaze...
  2. G


    Which VA provided eyegaze are you using? I currently have a PRC Accent 1400 but have had numerous issues with it. I am considering a different device .
  3. Nikki J

    Please read!

    Please do not use the quote function except in rare cases and then try to edit the quote to include only the part that is necessary. Including quotes lengthens the thread and makes it particularly difficult for PALS who are using eyegaze or otherwise have difficulty scrolling. If you want...
  4. N

    Alternatives to steering PWC??

    Hello everyone I'm losing strength in my hand that I use to steer my wheelchair and was curious if any one uses or has used alternatives. I think they have one that you use your head, one that you use your tongue and one with your breath. I have even seen one where you use eyegaze through your...
  5. M

    Als clinic 3 months

    Hi everyone, My dad went to his 6 MONTH ALS clinic follow up apt last week, and my mom and him were given horrible news. He was unable to even register on the breathing test so they weren't able to see what his FVC percentage was. He is unable to speak now only my mom can understand him, arms...
  6. sleepy

    ALS sucks

    Checking in, if anyone remembers me. My progression has been fast. Dx Jan 16, now no walking, almost unintelligible talking, typing with one finger. Feels like if I lose my typing I might lose myself completely. I tried eyegaze but it couldn't track my eyes through my glasses. My breathing and...
  7. J

    EyeGaze Grid 3.0

    Hello, unfortunately I do not need this computer any more, It is a little over 1 year old. Comes with Roll stand and desk mount stand. Very good system that my wife had little issue using. This system is located in Atlanta Please email if interested. [email protected]
  8. M


    Hi everyone, My dad went to the speech therapist yesterday (mom called and got an appt before als clinic) b/c his speech is getting worse day by day. IT BREAKS MY HEART!!! My mom told me that she told the lady that she's glad she called to get him an appt since it will take 6 weeks before the...
  9. M

    6-12 months

    Hi all, Well my mom received my dads disability paperwork and what the doctor wrote and it saddened us tremendously. The doctor gave him a prognosis of 6 to 12 months from date of diagnosis to live. The doctor did put in the disability paperwork that it is Bulbar onset, which we knew already...
  10. C

    Perspective needed

    So I need some perspective. We have a private hire caregiver and she's pretty good and my husband likes her for the most part. However I've had some issues with her crossing some boundaries. I've talked to him about looking for someone else but he doesn't want to break in anyone new and he...