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  • Hey, lurking Sue’s page, I would now have time/opportunity for that! Let me know if it’s a plan and it’s okay to invite myself.
    That sounds good Sue! I messaged some others last night that showed interest previously. Becky or I one will keep you in the loop with more details.
    FYI, Becky and I think it is best to reach out to the ones that have shone interest previously rather than putting it all out there publicly.
    Hi Sue!

    Becky and I have been talking about the CALS trip. We are talking about going to the Lake Guston area on the Virginia and North Carolina border.

    We want to go for a few days between August 2nd and August 11th.

    Do you have a preference to what days may work best for you?

    I am super excited to meet you guys in person and to spend some time with you all.

    I think we are going to have a blast!
    Hi Sue, the hospital planning to discharge my mom tomorrow (10/30) but they are discharging my mom without PMV and swallow test. I know it is case by case but how long did it take Brian to tolerate (?) speak with PMV?
    Hi Sue, this is Jennifer who asked trach question before. You said your husband goat a trach and could talk around the trach. My mom is getting trach surgery this Friday. Should i request certain method for talking? Did you had to request for PMV?Thank you and i will look forward to hearing from you. Best, Jennifer
    Hi Sue
    My husband has ALS. He cannot use his arms legs are very weak and is on the trilogy most of the day and all night. We currently have a caregiver but just found out she needs to go back home to take care of her mother. We live in Pittsburgh and I was wondering if you know of anyone that can help with caregiving. We are paying out of pocket right now.
    Saw your most recent post - can you share your email? We have the same age kids and I'm going through the same struggles. Unlike you, though, I'm not brave enough to put it all out there. I would appreciate a friend who understands what I am going through.
    Hi Sue,
    I just wanted to reach out to you after reading that your husband has been on a vent for 6 years and how hard it is to maintain friendships when we can rarely leave our homes. I have only been doing this for 3 years but have struggled with the isolation it has created. Feel free to contact me when you need a connection with someone who knows what you are going through. Kate
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