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    My mum is it ALS?

    Hi, really looking for ideas about what is going on with my mum. It’s along and complicated story so I’ll try to keep it brief! She’s never been the most healthy of adults. She had a heart attack in her late 40’s, drank too much alcohol and smoked and got little in the way of exercise. She...
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    Splints/braces for hands

    My PALS’s hands are starting to bend in claw like. Are there any splints or braces that have helped with this condition?
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    Just looking for input

    Hi, I am posting about symptoms that I have been seeing in my father over the last 2 years. He is 73. He started having trouble swallowing his food about 2 years ago. He seen several doctors, and had a scope done, and it was brushed off as aging. He was told to chew his food better, and...
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    I'm sorry to ask... but I'm really scared.

    I'm really really really sorry to annoy you all, it's probably more the anxiety than me writing this but I'm really scared no matter how much I read the "That gives a percentage of 0.0001% or a 1 in million chance . . . and that's at best." I'm just unable to calm. I'm female, 31 (ok, i will...
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    Understanding progression

    Hi all again, (sorry if repetitive in nature)As a CALS trying to get a handle on timelines of progression. I was wondering if I could get your best guess. My PALS was first diagnosed in June 2014 and only had dexterity issues in his left hand. Flash forward 2 years later, this June 2016, his...
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    Hesitant to post, but here I am

    Hey All, First I would like to say that I have read all stickies, searched the forum and online for some help - couldn't find it. I wanted to post here and see if there is some answers. Also, I know how difficult it must be to have this disease or be a caregiver to someone who has it. I...
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    How to postpone %^&*($# CLAW HAND

    :( My hands are atrophying and curling up. This makes it harder and harder to type, to touch people, to eat, etc. Of course this is only the beginning of myriad worse symptoms. But I would welcome advice from anyone who has tried (and failed or succeeded) in delaying this process. Exercise...
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    Is this a possible symptom or sign of ALS?

    Several years ago, my right hand began cramping and would go all claw-like intermittently during physical exertion, like canoeing, but I didn't think it was significant because so infrequent. Beginning several months ago, the palm on same hand would noticeably cramp and twitch without...
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    What do you think?

    Hey, i am 18 years old, from germany, and i am really concerned about having ALS. I have fasciculations for 2 and a half years now in my entire body. But the fasciculations moved slowly from 1 place to another. 2 months ago i started to have a strange feeling when walking on my left leg tin the...
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    I'm scared

    Hi everyone my name is Sara. In September 2015 I was tentatively diagnosed with upper motor neuron disease by the ALS specialists at Northwestern University in Chicago. I've had 2 EMG's that show chronic denervation in a couple of muscles in my lower legs and a muscle biopsy analyzed at Mayo...