1. M

    Dad's speech getting worse

    Hi All! I have not been on too much in the last few months. My dad was diagnosed end of October 2013 and seems to be hanging in there. He has Bulbar so his speech has gotten harder to understand and I can tell he tries hard to say his words. His left hand looks like it a claw, but he seems...
  2. notme

    Time to Ask the PLS crowd again

    Hey Guys I've been trying to refrain about posting here about my ongoing issues but really have nowhere else to turn other than the experts that live with this neuro crap daily. Here's what's going on: Falls: I'm losing my balance and falling--too much. Twice this week alone. My legs just...
  3. M

    Undiagnosed ....familial als?

    Hi. Ive posted on the PLS forum but have realised i dont seen to fit in there with my symptoms. I have been told that I have a neurological condition after being referred to a neurologist and genetic dept. I have upper motor neuron signs including brisk reflexes and spasticity in my...
  4. J

    muscle weakness in hands an early symptom?

    Hello everyone. I realize this is going to be all over the place but my fear/anxiety couldnt stop me from asking. Ive been battling flu like symptoms(chills/fatigue)for about 8 days but the recent combination of consistent finger twitching for an entire day and atrophy(making a claw when...
  5. D

    There may be HOPE!

    I didn't want to put this under "Stories of Hope" just yet, but a few weeks ago I looked up cures for ALS and found that acupressure points on the instep of the human feet (massage), called Foot Nerve Therapy in Canada (originating from China) has cured people with ALS. My mom has been getting...
  6. B


    hi all really would appreciate some thoughts/feedback on my current state if you will. 30 year old female. been feeling off for more then a few months, however, last month experienced a few days of twitching and numbness in my feet and legs. The numbness mostly in my feet and very concerning as...
  7. Jason's Dream

    New Here.. Drowning.. and Soo Overwhelmed. :(

    Hey Everyone ~ My name is Becca (age 31). My husband, Jason (age 37), was diagnosed with ALS in the beginning of May 2010. His first onset was in December 2009. We have a 2.5 year old son, William, and are expecting his sister, due December 12, 2010. This was a twin pregnancy, but we lost one...
  8. Lavender Lady

    ROm for hand

    What is a good ROM excercise i can do for my weak hand that is starting to get the claw thing with fingers going on and stifness as well? It will be a while yet before I see a PT. Thanks,
  9. BethU

    Sneaking food past your throat

    We all agree on how great the PEG is and how easy it makes life (relatively speaking), but my mouth does not agree. It is seriously bored. First it couldn't talk, now it can't eat ... all it has to do is sit there all day and manufacture drool. But I discovered that I can handle anything that...
  10. boblandstar1

    The "Tentacle" Drink Holder

    As a person with ALS I know how difficult it is to deal with the loss of mobility and independence. You claw and fight to maintain every ounce of independence you you can get. From the day you KNOW that you need a walker to that dreadful day you become "wheelchair bound". Because of a...