1. L

    Scared Dad, Doc says he thinks its Ulnar nerve lesion

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this for me. I am a 38yo male have been expericeing what I beleive to be ALS symptoms as in the fascilations and the Atrophy in my right hand. The twitching has only been for a couple of weeks as far as I can tell and the the atrophy for about two months(...
  2. Jamiet

    Questions about ALS effects

    I have a few questions about what ALS does to your body: 1) On your fingers, everyone says it "curls" them in. Does it make your fingers "crooked", like go to the left or right at the knuckle or the last joint befoe the tip, or does it curl them under, like a claw? How do you know if they...
  3. sara06

    More of my crazy ranting!

    I was watching television the other day, I believe it was Primetime, Medical Mysteries. They were airing a segment about Ectrodactyly, "lobster claw syndrome" There was a woman on the show named Bree Walker who has it. She used to be a news anchor and is now an actress. Unfortunately this...
  4. L

    about my mom

    I will share about my mom. Her name is Renee. She will be 78 next week. She is at the point where her speech cannot be understood even by family members. She uses the roller walker in the house and uses the claw type cane when she goes places. She went for four months with symptoms and not...
  5. B

    Cats Claw

    Has anyone tried Cats Claw?Did you notice any benifit?I'm taking Rizusole,B complex ,CO10 and creatine.Someone suggested Cats Claw as well.Can't hurt to try.Also my sister in law wants me to try to find a Chinese medicine practioner for a miracle cure.Any luck out there with Chinese medicine?