1. Jeanau

    The hospital and my PEG

    I had my PEG inserted on Thursday morning and came home from the hospital the next day. That 30 hour stay taught me some important things and made me really wonder about and rethink my approach to my ALS. First of all, no ALS patient should ever be in a hospital alone. We're simply too...
  2. anderkling

    Blessings of Advent

    A blessed Advent to you all! Advent is celebrated in Christian churches around the world and through the centuries as a time of spiritual preparation for Christmas. Advent comes from the Latin word, adventus, which means "coming." It begins four weeks before Christmas. Traditions are the...
  3. W

    giving an update

    Just letting you know i will be going to see the als specialist sometime this weak after being refferd there due to an abnormal emg by my neurologist. the als specialist i will be seeing is doctor christian shoesmith at the london health science centre. I will be having a second emg after seeing...
  4. B

    Advanced ALS

    My Dad (80 years old) has advanced ALS. It happened extremely fast. Feb. he passed out, had every test known and came out with a clean bill of health. Swollen ankle a few months later and no Dr. could figure out why. In May he had what we thought was a cold/sinus/flu, then all of a sudden his...
  5. anderkling

    Prayer Requested

    Hello, dear Christian friends, On Thursday this week (Nov.19) I have surgery for the insertion of a PEG tube. My breathing has been on a rapid decline for four months. The anesthesiologist said the surgery is not without risk. I'm being admitted to ICU post op and overnight until they're sure...
  6. C

    Scared - could EMG have been too soon?

    First post here. Hate to bother you but no idea where else to turn. 49 year old mom of 5 year old terrified I may have ALS. Sure we all have a few twitches now and then. But around the first of May I developed a persistent twitch in my lower left ribs (never had one there before) and each...
  7. anderkling

    The Blessing of Scripture

    As a PALS, on this difficult road, facing "the valley of the shadow of death" I have been drawn to "feasting" my heart and soul on the comforting, encouraging words of Scripture as perhaps never before. No longer able to work, I have time for deeper prayer, and what a joy it is! This word from...
  8. Broken down Cowboy

    1st Post

    Hello, Guess it's better to get right to it. I was diagnosed at the Barrow Clinic in Phoenix, with ALS in December 2014. The extra sad news for me was that I'd been told, that my mild stroke like symptoms (slurred speech and left leg weakness) which had begun about for months earlier were due...
  9. Jeanau

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter to all of my new Christian friends! Remember the words of the hymn... Because He lives, I can face tomorrow...Because He lives all fear is gone. Even though it doesn't always feel like it, we are blessed indeed.:)
  10. S

    Diagnosed today

    I am reeling from the shock of being diagnosed with the disease that killed my brother seven years ago. He was 59 when he died. I am 59. I was told that the average life expectancy is 3-5 years. Tom only had 19 months. I am beyond scared. I am terrified! I nursed my brother. I know what lies...