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  • Hi from Music67 (Richard)
    Since you are a Christian I would recommend picking up a great book from Amazon that has given me much comfort - "Christ The Healer" - F.F. Bosworth. (Half a million in print) It costs less than 5 dollars. Also remember that no 2 people have the same ALS experience. There are some people on this site that have been dealing with this disease since the 80's. My late friend here (died of cancer last month) had a brother-in=-law who's had ALS since 1964! Best of all here is a link to a new video readying for distribution featuring a dozen or so people who are also surviving ALS - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/healing-als-mnd-lou-gehrig-s-disease
    Bye for now - Richard
    Hello! I have said for years that I would never do well with a long term disease (I was thinking cancer) so this was truly a test of faith for me in the beginning. I finally realized that God has prepared me my whole life to deal with this and He will help me through this. Can I recommend a book? Its called Prayers & Promises by Ed Dobson. He is a pastor with ALS. Its has 30 days of readings - morning & evening. They are short. They've helped me a lot. Dianne
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